This can be the reason why sometimes you feel more conscious and sometimes less

So yesterday I was feeling like I’m loosing focus to my thoughts very easily and that was disturbing me very badly, I was getting the feeling that somethings’s definitely wrong with me.

Then I remembered that a few days ago I was reading “The Tibetean Yoga Of Dreams” and there was a context which said that when we sleep our female part(for males) takes control and male part when awake, so basically what happens is humans don’t breath from both the holes of nose (sorry I don’t remember what it is called😅) at the same time. You can check this, just put your finger below your right hole of the nose and then check from the left one, you’ll observe that at one side (when you exhale ) you can feel more CO2 passing through as compared to the other one.

So for males, when we observe that we are breath through our right hole of the nose that means our masculine part is active and when we breath through our left hole of the nose that means our feminine part is active.

When we (for males) sleep our feminine part is active (that means breathing through left nose) and when we are awake masculine part is active (right nose) and the opposite is for females.

When I checked I found out that I was breathing through left part of the nose(I checked it in the evening🤭). You can decide by which nose to breath just through closing the opposite nose by your finger and inhale & exhale by the nose you want to breath. And after 1 minute release it, it’ll take a few minutes to switch to your desirable part. Trying too hard won’t help it takes time to switch.

That’s why in the spiritual book it is written that males should sleep by turning at the right side (to suppress the masculine part) and females by turning at the left side.

CONCLUSION : for males when awake, the masculine part must be active (breathing through your right nose) and feminine when sleeping. And the opposite for females.

● Now what you’re going to read is related to the dream I just had, it was kind of a strange dream.

So, when I was doing meditation I observed that I was loosing my focus continously, so I decided to try the affirmation technique. I started saying in my dream “I’m dreaming” and decided to do a RC after 1 or 2 minutes. Now what happened is first nothing was happening and after sometime I checked my hand and it had 5 fingers still, and I was still unable to sleep. Then I closed my eyes and checked my hand now that hand was imaginative then there was again dark, I opened my eyes checked my hand still 5 fingers.

You are probably thinking “that’s very normal”, but the the strange thing is my room’s so dark I should not be able to see my hands and the place where I was checking my hand was too not my room. But I didn’t feel when I came into the dream and still I’m doing a RC AND still how do I have 5 fingers? Also in the dream I’m going into another dream and coming out and in that dream too I still have 5 fingers. And I recognized all when I actually awoke , so is it normal? And was I lucid or not I don’t understand?

BTW thanks! for reading, and I’m so confused in this dream so maybe you can have an idea what it was.