This happened to me on vacation... it was weird

So, i was with my uncle, and a few other family members, driving to an MLB game, i decided i would take a nap. I close my eyes, i start seeing blue blobs on my eyelids, and then i fall asleep. But i can still hear my family members voice, but after 5 minutes i’m completely asleep, i wake up 20 minutes later like i woke up from nothing, black space

I had something like this once when I fell asleep in class. I closed my eyes for one second then I was thinking about something and I sort of drempt it for a second I could still hear the teacher. I then fell asleep and woke up not knowing how long I had actually been gone for. I was still sitting up in the same way when i came around just 15 mins later. It was really wierd.

This kind of made me think of a phenomenon I heard about in psychology. I forgot the exact name of it, but it’s some sort of defense mechanism where people totally blank out for…maybe a minute, maybe fifteen, when they see something or hear about something that reminds them of something that traumatize them.

Not that this has anything to do with dreaming…or what you guys were talking about. :tongue:

But speaking of odd vacations, I do recall an instance where I woke up in the middle of the night with my head at the foot of the hotel bed and my feet at the head of the bed. Wondered how that one happened. Now that has even less to do with the topic.

On my plane flight home. I went to sleep. All i remember was opening my eyes 45 minutes later. it was weird

OMG that just happened to me this past vacation LOL. I was on an air mattress. The odd thing was that their was no room for me turn around on, as both sides were “boxed in”, AND the sheets were on the same way when I went to sleep.

As for the phenomenon, I used to do that in Algebra 2 all the time, and got a 95.3 at the end of the year. I used to just tune in to what the teacher was saying, and construct mental images, or sometimes not, and I would waken, knowing the material somehow. It was great, much simple way to spend math class, and it was at the time where my body was the most sleepish, 1:00 every day. I think I entered into a very interesting state, and now I want to use that time for WILDs. Namaste

Something like that happened to me last September. I went on a beach trip with a few friends, found a coral cave on the shore where the resort managers set up a beach chair, enjoyed the sound of the waves, relaxed…

… and after a not particularly long blink, the sun had jumped about 50 degrees in the sky.

I suppose I could’ve fallen asleep, and just not gone into REM. :tongue: That was still startling, though.