this helped me a lot

hi everybody

i know this has been adviced here before, but for the people who didn’t try it yet, try this:
usuually i have dream recall only every second or third night, and i only had 3 very short low level Ld’s in 3 months! but with this i recalled 4 dreams a night and had one LD after waking up and doing MILD!

how long are you supposed to look at it for?

It worked for me also.
I played some goa music while looking at it, and I think I kept doing this for one or two songs.So, about 5-10 minutes.
I think it is different for people though, I´d do it like this:

Don´t go counting minutes.Just look at it until you have somem visual effects, enjoy them for a while, and when you get bored, quit.

Oh yes, I´d also move some window about the advert-banner, in case you don´t want to feel the urge to sign up at angelfire :wink:


I ve tried that thing for 3 or 4 times, I looked at it for the time mentioned only once, and all 4 times I only had a FA !!! and a Nightmare. And I seldom have nightmares…

It works fine for me, as long as I don’t do it everyday. Mostly I stare at it for about 15-20 minutes just before going to bed. In general it doesn’t help me to become lucid (although I had some LDs when I used it the first time, but I think it wasn’t caused by the spiral), only to have a better dream recall.
The spiral works best, at least in my case, if you combine it with Brainwave Generator (the selfhypnotic sounds).


it worked quite well for me again, i remembered 3 dreams this night, which is a lot for me!

I was thinking to combine it with Wizards method.To try this instead instead of his screensaver.Wanna give it a go…Wizard whenever u are,give us the pic!:):slight_smile:

just download the program and make ur own :content:

if u ask me its all placebo effect…

Placebo effect is one of best effects one can get.Its not only very powerfull but also healthy and very safe.I wish we had more and more placebo effects.

What is the placebo effect

yer what is it??? iu am kinda out of it

Placebo effect is a word that is usually used for pills.
It can happen that you are ill, and take some pill which doesn´t has any effect on your body.Still, if you don´t know about it, you are positive about feeling better since you took that pill, and therefore you really feel better.

Claiming that the spiral is just a placebo effect, would mean that it doesn´t actually do anything, but that we have more LDs after watching the spiral simply cause we believe that it gives you more LDs.

Hope that this is understandable

I agree to Jack, the term placebo is often used to say something is useless, but actually, placebos can be very powerfull and real.You can even use it if you know about it.
You tell yourself, that everytime you jump up and down exactly 7 times in your room before going to sleep, you´ll have a LD.Of course you know that this doesn´t make any sense, but you also know about the power placebos can have.So you just jump up and down 7 times, go to sleep, and your positive atitude will give you a LD.


ohh ofcourse, i am doing, was doing, that in psych,yer i know alll bout them just didnt reconize the name, damm i am gonna do well on my test at this rate :sad:

hhhmmm yes i agree with that it is very powerful and this is also how u an tell if some 1 was faking the illness. The problem i have with it is i take a nutral point, so it wont affect me at all because i dont fall into that trap

cheers Richard

sry for ot but does anyone know wizard’s email address?

This spiral doesn’t work with mozilla… thought the author’d want to know

4 nights ago i remembered 3 dreams
3 night ago i remembered 2 dreams
2 nights ago, i didnt remember anything!
this night, after looking at that site, i remembered 1 dream, of about 1min

so i can’t say it helped me much :smile:
but looking at it for a while seemed to make the text go slower…so i could almost make out all the text.
I’ll try it every night though, anything to dream more and LD!!! havnt had any LDs yet though…but only started 4 nights ago, when i found out about LD. before that i could remember 1 dream in 1 week, or several months, after reading about LD i got fanatic and read posts like a zealot, that night i remembered 3 dreams :smile: so i guess hypering myself up that much made a difference…but im not very hyper anymore it seems, because i didnät remember any last night, and only 1 short this night. and that one wasn’t vivid—bla!

I’ll try it tonight! :smile:

10 Oct. No luck this time, but I’m not defeated. I’ll try it again another time, preferably while doing WBTB. :cool: