This is driving me totally insane.

Why can I not achieve a lucid dreaming state? It’s tearing me to pieces. I’ve read up so much about this, i’ve tried BWGen, I’ve tried Hemi-Sync MP3’s, i’ve tried MILD and DILD as well as combinations, but no luck. The one time I did have a lucid dream was completely out of the blue, I hadn’t done any RC’s that day, or even thought about lucid dreaming, but that night I had one. It woke me up,but i felt so exhilerated that i didnt care about how short it was.

another time, i had a feeling that i was later told was close to the onset of an OOBE, where i had an intense rushing feeling through my body, and could hear a loud rushing in my ears, but that freaked me out and i got out of it.

Why can I not lucid dream? what am i doing wrong? when i do RC’s sometimes I can feel myself thinking, “this won’t work”, and obviously i know that’s not the right mindset to be in, but i don’t know how i can change it.

really, any advice whatsoever would be massively appreciated.

How long have you been trying, and how hard are you really trying?
Honestly, its probably just a mental block thats come up. I recommend taking a break from lucid dreaming for a month or so, and giving yourslf a bit of a break. Then, go over you’re dream journals, get some more advice, and think about why you failed the first time, and re-evaluate your approach to lucid dreaming…thats what i did :smile:

…It’s working to :wink:

I’ve been trying for about a year and a half now. I’ve been taking a break recently, while at Uni, because I was having very late nights every night, and lucid dreaming was just the last thing on my mind most of the time.

a dream journal is not something i’ve been keeping up really. i did for a bit, and it was quite amazing how quickly my dream recall improved, but for some reason i just stopped. i haven’t been able to remember any of my dreams for ages anyway.

Well there’s your problem right there. You gotta have a dream journal if you want to lucid dream. Your trying to build a house with no foundation :tongue:
It may also be a good idea to give yourself a break untill you get some more time to get rested, and get used to your schedule at University. Lucid dreaming is easier when you have the proper time to devote to it.

would irregular sleeping patterns affect my ability to lucid dream? say i go to bed at different times every day, and get up at different times…

If you’re irregular sleep pattern is leading to less sleep and being less rested in general, than yes, it can affect your ability to lucid dream. When you have a regular sleep schedule it also helps with knowing when the best times after falling alseep are to try things like MILD and WILD.

I used to have the same problem, your telling yourself its hard to LD, just dont try that hard, you have to just let it come.

YEs definatly kepp doing RCs and keeping a Dj, but NDs can be just as cool as LDs, in fact i would almost recommend to stop trying altogether, still keep a DJ so that you can still remember your dreams, maybe just take a week or 2 off and see what happens.

I honestly think the main reason why most people dont LD very often is because eitehr they think it is hard, so it becomes hard, or they just try to hard, and it doesnt work.

Take this into consideration, and just see what happens

:smile: R3TRO

If you haven’t tried it yet, you should use SBTB with in combination with WILD or MILD. If you are not waking during the night you have a much lower chance of success in my opinion and this technique can really help you to break through into lucid dreaming. You have to keep it up though - it may work very quickly but if not you should give it at least a few weeks of consistent practice.

I’ve started keeping a dream journal again, as of today. couldnt remember my dream, but i still made a note of not being able to remember it, then later on in the day i remembered a part, and added that to it. i’ll keep you guys posted!

well, last night was very interesting! I downloaded an mp3 that someone created here using two tapes, i forget who made it - but i’m very thankful to them!

I put the mp3 on my PDA, grabbed some headphones and went off to bed. Started picturing the stairs with numbers on, walking up them towards a lucid dream, counting up the numbers, whilst listening to this mp3. After a while, I felt as though I was being pulled out of myself, whilst at the same time having that falling feeling you get when you’re pretty drunk. It was really weird, and I remember trying so hard to get myself all the way out of my body, but i just couldnt do it. Then my PDA kindly reminded me that it’s batteries were running low, with a noisy BEEP BEEP which then brought me out of it completely.

Very annoying, but my Dream recall has improved a lot!

Are you relaxed when you go to bed? Also are you stressed from something that may have happened irl (in real life) not to be in your buissness but this could have alot to do with why you cant have a LD.

Last night I was very relaxed, and again - got a similar feeling to that ‘something trying to get out of my body’ thing. I’m normally quite hyper, not in a ADD way, just happy, bouncy, and excited about something.

Not really stressed at the moment, though I do tend to be under quite a lot of stress.

That something that is trying to get out of your self is you. Actually, it’s your dream body. Next time that happens, try not to pay any attention to it. Just stay relaxed and let go of more of your consciousness and you will be pulled right into your dream.

I will try my very best, in fact, i WILL do it tonight.