This is irritating me

This is irritating me severely…I mean I used to LD just fine, I was just getting control of them and on the right track and all…and now all of my dreams are fragments, like someone showing me pictures or something…There is no whole dream anymore :sad: I’m hoping that they will reform before my “vacation” from school is over (we have 2 days off for some jewish holidays and the weekend PS-Thank you to all the Jewish out there :wink: )

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um… i dont know what it may be, but this definately goes in a section outside of the lifeboat… :grin:

sorry just trying to help :tongue:

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The Guardians have you been having ok sleep lately, like your usual amount? I was thinking maybe that could be affecting your dreams, could be diet change, stress but can’t really tell from the info.

Hope you get some good ones :wink:

You been keeping up with your dream journal? That always happens if you stop writing it down. Even if you get semi lazy and just not write down as much.