This is my philosphy, what do u think?

I have 2 real things that I know for a fact, then a few opinions, ideas, ect.

Things I KNOW for a fact.

  1. We are going to die at some point.
  2. We dont know anything more than that.

Now, I know it seems a small list, but number 1 includes alot of subtexts. Ceartain things that may seem obvious to me, but maybe not right away.
For example, since we are going to die, obviously we are here, alive and we do exist on some level. Also, since we are here, and we are not dead, somethign put us here. This could be called GOD for lack of a better word. Now, everything after that, is all things we believe, ways we percieve reality, are all part of what makes us people, individuals, and explorers.

Things I THINK or OPINIONS I have.

  1. Whatever put us here loves us, but doesn’t interfere with our lives, before or after death.

  2. We have perception of ourselves, ego, and that ego is existant until we die, which I assume is alot like what happens to people who are insane, to the point of complete ignorance. That, is in itself taking the perception of reality that one has, and going to the line of no ego, and crossing it, this makes people insane, you can’t cross it until you die.

  3. The closer you get, the more enlightned you become, get closer to the line, the more creative you become.

  4. Life is usually not great, but it is always worth it for the chance to explore this reality we have been given.

  5. I am who I am because I want to be, when I really want to be something else, I will be.

And thats my feelings, Hope you like em!

Interesting philosophy, Nightmare. I tend to think that just because we exist does not nescessarily mean that we were created by a Supreme Being. People would like to believe that because it tends to go fit with their view of the physical world. For example, a watch exists because a person made it. But we don’t know enough about the universe to assume that life is made in the same way.

Again, it all goes back to faith. Will we ever know? No. However, you can find purpose in the infinite randomness in life by creating your own order out of it.

Hmmmm, thats an interesting way of looking at it. I like the watch maker thing. But, I see it more as a starting point. We didn’t arise from nothingness, because nothingness is not even something we can fully concieve as humans. So we had to arise from something, or else we woudl be able to understand what the nothingness we arose from was. So if there was something, that we came from, that makes it kinda like what you could call God…but i dont like that word, its to closed and stereotypical

Perhaps we once understood this nothingness, but after mankind discovered materialism we forgot about our roots and became addicted to our false materialistic world views? Actually, this idea of nothingness can be found back in buddhism, but it has not exactly the same meaning. They talk about Emptiness which is the root of our reality. So in a way you could call this Emptiness “God”. Just a thought :smile:

Hmm, I know that Taoism also embraces Nothingness, but i dont think its the same one… I’m pretty sure the Taoist Nothing was kinda just saying go with the flow, don’t interupt nature or overthink things… Correct me if I’m wrong…

I agree with the first two philosphys, but not with all of the opinions…

I’m not sure about the exact meaning of Taoist Nothingness, but I also think it has something to do with going with the flow, living according to Tao.

EDIT: This is what Lao-tzu has to say about Nothingness:

[i]Follow the nothingness of the Tao,
and you can be like it, not needing anything,
seeing the wonder and the root of everything.

And even if you cannot grasp this nothingness,
you can still see something of the Tao in everything.
These two are the same only called by different names

  • and both are mysterious and wonderful.[/i]

Source: Tao-Te-Ching, chapter 1

If nothingness is something we cannot fully concieve as humans, how can you say we didn’t arise from it? (Maybe your not Human! :eek: )
Infact, scince we cannot fully concieve nothingness, who are we to say we arose from something or nothing? We don’t know, we can only speculate…still, speculation is really fun.

Sorry for the second post, I don’t know how to put quotes from different postes together. Anywhooo, I have an observation to make about this…

You said, and correct me if I’m wrong, that the death of a person is THE point of complete ignorance, because thats when the ego, the views and beliefs we hold about ourselves, stops existing. But, you also said, “I am who I am because I want to be, when I really want to be something else, I will be.” This is a matter of the ego, and, I’m not calling you ignorant or anything, I’m just saying, but often, who we think we are (ego) is not who we really are (self). We are not our egos. This is something a lot of people are ignorant about, while they’re still alive.
So, I just wanted to say, you can be ignorant about yourself while your alive and dead. :smile: Just something to think about. Remember…be objective. :good:

Just that amazes me about life, and how existence expanded. Im glad even how sad the world may seem, people choose to move on :smile:

Wow, this is exactly why I posted here, I wanted some good feedback. Though, I think that, self and ego aren’t different. Everything we think we know is all perception. Which is why I talk so much about insanity. Basically, insane people have no real ego, or not all insane people, but a few, or even someone in a coma. Has no real ego, and yet they exist, but usually only with the help of outsiders. Meaning that without ego we die, so it isnt really seperate with self. I mean being completely without ego. Also, i think we are our egos, but, like i said this is all speculation, and our opinions will probablly differ, because we have our own perception. I believe that there is higher forms of self that will me to be the way i am actually, and that these forms are not affected by ego, and therefore dont die. But, again i can’t say anything positivly because I don’t know, and neither does anyone else. That I do know positivly, though, it could be wrong to, o well thanks for the replys and keep it up, this is good conversation

Cool, I’m glad you like my feedback.
Anywhoo, I’d have to add, that I do not believe the self and the ego are the same. Now, this depends on the wording you use and everything; I think of the ego as what we assume about ourselves, who we think we are, etc, while the self, or true self (thats a better way to say it), is who we really are, so therefore, the ego cannot be the same as the self, because we assume so much about everything in the world, especially ourselves. Almost nobody tries to directly observe who they really are. Thats one of the reasons I’m into Lucid Dreaming. All you have to do is look at yourself in the dream, and you can see that its not really you, its just a dream you, generated most likely by elements from your ego. Scince its a dream, and you know its not really you, you can start to disassociate from your ego, and start looking at who you really are. Thats why in my last post, I said, “Be Objective.”

Well, rememeber this, you didnt create this ego, you just live it.

The world as you know it, is from what you are from birth. There are alot of choices that you never wanted, and probally ingnored, but all this is your ego. I tell you this, just trying to figure out the simple things, lead into more complex froms of others reasoning. You just have free-will and thats survival, b/c if you didnt have the impluses to eat or go to the bathroom, your ego would be known as a potato or a veggie:)