This is really cool.

Check out these pictures, I have no idea how they make it look so 3D, and real, but its so d*mn cool.

0.o is that for real?

Never seen street art like that before lol, Very cool ;D

trippin. :content: i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything like that before. i just don’t get how that works, it just doesn’t make sense hehehehe, thanks for that. :happy:

All the way at the bottom you can see how they do it. I seen some before. All optical Illussions.

DUDE!! That is totally trippinly… freaky! But awsome!

Ah yes, I’ve seen that guy since before. It’s real, he’s an incredibly skilled artist, knowing perspective like his pocket and the like.

Some of the drawings you can look and say ‘ah, you didn’t fool me’, but that coca cola bottle drawing is unreal, especially the way he imitated the way that the bottle would distort the light passing through it…very cool indeed. :wink:

Wow… he’s good… I wish I could draw like that!! :tongue:

i don’t understand the pile of gold, how can it possibly be obscuring his feet and legs?

He’s kneeling.
I thought the same thing for a moment but if you look closely you can see he’s on his knees.

He’s clearly incredibly talented. I like the toy boat on the water, because the water looks real and is reflecting the environment as well as the boat. They’re all mind-blowing.

That is amazing. The reflection/refraction of water is … simply incredible. I’ve seen the coke bottle image before, but to see that AND the others just proves how talented this guy is. You have to wonder how much he knows about perspectives and angles…

click here

I say those images from the link above ^ a long time ago. If you go to that link and scroll down, there are 7 more amazing drawings.

these things are amazing !

I LOVE how he use the fence on the last on in Wissams link :cool_laugh: