this is the right place to post this right?

Well, when i slept yesterday, i had a dream.
I dreamt that i was in a contest for school, blah, blah, blah. After school i got home and i was the only one home. These 4 guys came and tried to kill me. So i made a run for the car. I started the car and went fast but they could still catch up. THen i said hey this is a dream and then i said, stop chasing me and go back in the house, and they did. Then everything started blanking out. I didnt get too excited and i didnt have time for the spinny arm thing or anything. One second and poof! it was gone. Was i too excited? Also i slept after this but i could feel my body tingling like i couldnt move, but i was sleeping…?

this always used to happen in my first lds.
it will get better with the time…

When you felt this tingling and paralysis, it is what many experience when they are doing WILDs. It seems like you had a sleep paralysis, they are a great way to enter lucid dreams from.