This keeps happening!!!

Every time I do an RC in a dream, I wake up. Its not that I get too excited.
For example today I had a dream that I was outside my school in the Football field, and I randomly decided to do an RC. Before I did the RC I thought to myself “Im dreaming.” As soon as the thought came into my head, I felt my dream fade away, and I started waking up. I got really frustrated because that happens every time I do an RC. I think the thought left my head, and my dream went on, but I was not lucid. Does this only happen to me? And is there anytihng I can do to stop this?

One thing you should think of first, is that lucidity is not a solid state. It’s more like a gradient, such as this one

With the black being normal dreaming and the pink being lucidity. The closer you are to the black, the easier it is to wake up or slip out of lucidity. The closer you are to the pink, the more stable it is and the more control you’ll have.

From what i’ve gathered when reading, you haven’t been getting lucid enough to prolong it for more than a second, even if you haven’t been excited or anything. I can understand what you’re feeling, as it still happens to me sometimes. When it does happen, it’s usually a case of trying again and again until you get lucky and are more stable.

Hope this has helped you understand a bit

I think it is the other way around. The more awake you are the more likely it is that you wake up. Otherwise completely unlucid dreams would have us wake up constantly, and in my experience it is the other way around.
If it is not that you get excited then calming down wont help much. You should try proloning techniques instead, you know, rubbing your hands, spinning around. If the dream is fading away, you need to bring it back to life by creating sensations, feel things, listen, look! The sense of touch is very useful for prolonging. And as I usually say, even if you wake up you can go back in, but you gotta act quickly.

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The age ole saying of practice makes perfect sure does apply in this case. But instead of practice exchange it with the word experience.

Your mind has not experienced lucidness very often so it will take some to adjust to it. I think that because lucid experiences are so realistic our minds sometimes thinks that we are awake and then it triggers the response to wake up. Take things slowly and don’t fret about it too much. Like krakatoa said; when you become lucid try some prolonging techniques. Anything to make it last more than a second.

You will probably only have short burts of lucid experiences for a while, but eventually as your mind gets used to the feeling of a lucid dream and knowing that it is not actually awake, you will see these experiences lasting longer and longer.

And here comes my theory;

I believe the reason you are waking up is because somewhere in your SC, you see a lucid dream as a fragile state, a thin bubble that may burst at any time. What you need to realize is that a lucid dream is indeed a solid state in which you have total and absolute control.
When you become lucid in a dream, what you need to do is go somewhere quickly, teleport to a sunny field or something, something that is not associated with darkness (you sleeping).
You must not think that you are in your bed until the dream is stable enough or your dream will fade away, that is, do not say to yourself that you must stay relaxed or you will wake up, for this will only wake you up. The trick to successfully stabilizing the dream I belive is to act along for some time, to get used to this environment and lucidity.

I am very much familiar with your problem since I have the very same- Yet I have not had a lucid dream which have lasted longer then a few seconds, but this theory and my advices have I not yet tested myself since I have not had a lucid dream for a while.

Or it may be due to a REM stage ending - so that once it ends, you may still further lengthen it a little by using day dreaming (or something), but not much more.

In my dreams the thought that I’m dreaming occurs to me, but I don’t do anything about it, I just keep going with the dream, which really frustrates me also.

When you wake up, is it usually at a time near where you’d wake up normally? If so, it’s just because you’re gaining lucidity near the natural end of your dreams. This happens because your mind is at it’s most active near the end of your dreams, and thus can become lucid easier. As you gain practice at recognizing that you’re dreaming, you’ll get better at it, and lucidity will require less overall brainpower, causing you to become better at becoming lucid during earlier periods of sleep, leading to longer lucid dreams.

Well I just woke up from a nap, and something different happened this time.
In my dream I was in my old elementary school, and people were stabbing and cutting a guy. I thought that that possibly couldnt be reality, so I did an RC. I used my phone, and it read 11:35. I opened the phone (its a flip phone) and it said 11:35. I closed it and looked at the front screen again, and it read 11:35 again. I kept thinking that this couldnt possobly be happening, but I though “well I guess it is real.”
In WL I would have normally done more RCs, but I didnt this time. I think Im starting to question my dreams more often, so I might be getting closer to a LD

Indeed, the sense of touch is definitely good for staying in dreams. Feel anything and everything.

I’ve had a string of frustrating experiences lately that involve me being slightly awake during a normal or lucid dream, so that my consciousness can’t decide if it’s going to focus on what’s going on in the dream or the dark, still, warm reality of being in bed. I’ve found that in those circumstances, I tend to try to get back into the dream by imagining doing stuff in the dream–but that’s NOT the way to go. You have to actually DO the stuff in the dream, and it’ll come back.

For instance, I was having an LD that involved me driving crazily through a bunch of traffic–and I do mean quite literally driving through it. I started waking up, and my lucidity was low, so I really didn’t know what to do. At first, I was trying to imagine that I was back in the dream, but that just felt like I was imagining stuff. Then I grabbed the steering wheel. Hard. And I was back in the dream. Those were my dream hands closing onto the dream wheel, feeling the dream texture and bringing me back into the dream.