This kinda makes you think. … ic=7782342

Brings up a very good theory. Watch out for the idiots on those boards.

The “can you read something you know” in a dream issue? I’ve wondered that before and I suppose your mind could replicate the words for you. Has anyone experienced this? I know I have read in dreams, but nothing long and nothing that I had read before.

I had an LD where this monk which appeared in a cupboard gave me a passage to read in this book he had. I remember that the sentences didn’t really make sense but unfortunately i don’t remember exactly what was written.

Oh i’ve read “real” things i’ve never read, i have read things i have read and umm i once read the mathamatical equations for faster than sound travel a new stealth aircraft.

now if only i can remember what that actually was - would be interesting to find out if the theology was sound or not, the math involved was way beyond my comprehension. But just think, if i could remember it and it WAS a sound theory, it could help to prove that dreaming is more than just a subconscious series of random events.

Oh well… maybe NEXT time i have that dream :wink:

Insane_goth: Exactly!
I wish I could remember all the amazing lessons I’ve learned in dreams to see if they are mathmatically possible. One instance in particular comes to mind where I was being given an advanced physics demonstration. I’m sure it was right, but I don’t recall enough of what was said to prove anything. :sad:

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That happens to me too! I had this dream where I spent all night figuring out and explaning to my dad this new great mathmicanical theory, only to find it had dissipeared in the morning! It shows you how sometimes when your math teacher says ‘are you sleeping’ you can say that you’re ONLY good at math when you are sleeping :alien: