this lucid dreaming is messing with my head

i constantly think that im sleeping and dont know when anything is real anymore

im not sure if im even posting this now so im not going to worry about correct syntax

i always hear wierd screaming sounds and whispers telling me to do something
sometimes things as extreme as stabbing someone
and its so loud and constant the only thing i can to do get it away is do it
then i wake up

and i never fall asleep as far as i can remember just hear the voice do it and wake up without falling asleep

ill also be in a dark room and tilt my head real fast
ill see something like a wolf’s face, but with red eyes and a more demonic look
and it slowly fades
ill feel cold coming over my body sometimes

please tell me i am not going crazy!

You need to get help. like a doctor or something. That is the only help we internet people can give you.

Yeah, i would say see a psychiatrist

Yah,try a psychologist. And stay off LD’s for a while.

Dude… You are going crazy. I think it’s schizophrenia.

Auditorial hallucinations are primary symptoms of schizophrenia, and to an extent, bipolar disorder. I’ve heard of people staying up for log periods of time getting this, or extreme deppresion can cause auditorial hallucinations as well. I would recommend seeing a doctor about this as soon as possible. It is important to get it treated early so as to stop the schizophrenia from progressing further.

If you have it, well, things aren’t too too bad. The pills that you get, the anti-psychotics, they help out lots. It is very treatable. I got diagnosed around 6 months ago, and before that, I was almost suspicious that everything around me was a dream. I am now very stable and happy. Just go to the doctor, man, and get yourself set up, because it can take a while to find the right dosage, and the sooner you get it treated, the better.

You need to get this seen to as soon as possible! Get a psychiatrist NOW! This sounds like a mental disorder, perhaps schizophrenia as Amused says.

On a side note, it might not be because of the lucid dreaming. You have to think hard and ask yourself if there’s anything else you started at the same time as you started LD’s, or if a major change (etc) occurred around that time. Doubtless that’s something a psychiatrist will ask you.

Lucid dreaming wouldn’t do anything this extreme it sounds to me you may have a mental health problem I suggest you seek medical help as soon as you can.

I’d like to affirm the above. That indeed does sound serious. it could, however, be things other than schizophrenia – or schizophrenia coupled with other diseases. Either way, you need to contact someone. If there’s a hospital in your area, go there – alone or not.