Three lucid or semi-lucid dreams in the past week or so

last week, after a brief instance of lucidity, “God” (a voice calling itself that) threatened to make me wake up. this did not work, though my lucidity did end. got a bit of the gray blankness as well. the period of lucidity lasted (subjectively) a few minutes. around five, at a guess.

the night before last during a bad dream I had a moment of semi-lucicity that passed after a few seconds. last night I had, without getting too much into it, among other things, getting attacked by snake/whip-like things (though I thought of its one entity, rather than one) in a dark place, showing lack of fear and it leaving me alone. I deliberately did not try to create a light with my mind so I could see in the dark because I thought that might disrupt the reality and end the lucidity.

the dream ended with me in a café and stealing a chocolate bar. what could they do to me in a dream? I could just pretend that I had forgotten to pay, anyway. at another point, I thought I might steal some food to take for myself, but then remembered I couldn’t eat after I woke up.

looking at my hand while in the dream yielded: partial blurriness and then seeing a blob of ice (which didn’t feel cold) handing off of my hand.

I have had more lucid or lucid-adjacent dreams in the past week than I have had in the previous six months, at least.


One ld, I stole a mussel from a food stand, they demanded I pay, so I swiped a card I conjured from my pocket that wasn’t a debit card and it worked!