Three questions

Three questions you might want to ask yourself about dreaming.

  1. What are dreams, really?

  2. How do you know that?

  3. How can you find out for yourself what they really are?

  1. A hallucination your brain throws up to keep the conscious occupied while the body and brain repairs themselves, store information, as well as other tweaks and check-ups

  2. I’ve read articles (Not just Wikipedia, mind you :tongue:.) I’ve always been somewhat fascinated by dreams, so even as a child, I asked, looked it up, read about it here and there.

  3. Maybe ask yourself during a(n) LD. Many people chat with their subconscious during dreams, why not try it yourself? Personally, I never got a chance; in eight LDs, I’ve yet to be able to do anything much.

  1. In its simplest sense a dream is any series of images, sequences, or emotions experienced during sleep. It is essentially your brain attempting to model the world, but since it is cutoff from sensory input it makes up relatively non sensical events.

  2. Science pretty much tells us why dreams work the way they do, and what they are. We don’t know for sure though what the purpose for dreams/REM is althiught we have some good guesses.

  3. I don’t really understand what you mean by this.

1. What are dreams, really?

2. How do you know that?
How could I not know? :neutral: I mean, I have them, I’m pretty sure. I just base that definition/judgment on my experiences with it.

3. How can you find out for yourself what they really are?
I’ll only really find out what they aren’t, that I thought they were previously, if something else comes up. More experience, a perspective voiced that makes sense of it. But I doubt it will change, with my logic: dreams are dreams are dreams. What are you looking for?

So let’s use a dreaming task to go into this together.

This is part one of the task.

The next time you have an LD, grab the nearest DC and wrestle with it until it goes limp.

Then ask it, “What is your name?” Be sure to get the correct spelling.

Next ask it, “What are you?”

And finally ask it, “Where are we now?”

Wake yourself up and immediately write down your questions and the DC’s replies VERBATIM.

Do those things and then I’ll give you part two of the task for your following LD.

Is that step a requirement? Can’t I just go straight to asking? 'Cause I ain’t much of a wrestler in my dreams.

I assure you that the DC won’t mind, although it will struggle against you. And I very much want to know how you feel when you wake yourself up.

If you manage to get an answer from your consciousness, how can you tell for sure that it’s right? My subconscious once showed me what happens after I die and during that dream I found it amazing that I finally knew for sure that I had a soul that still existed after my body was gone (which was vaporized by a nuke). After I woke up I still didn’t have the answer, because how can I tell my subconscious was right?

I had a similar experience. I haven’t made up my mind about what I believe happens after death. Then I died in a dream (shot) and what happened after that fealt pretty natural, it felt right.
My opinion is that our subconcious tells us what (s)he believes happens after death. So not what your rational mind says but what you deep down, sort of intuitive believe. For me this is the same way advise from SG’s and such works.
This experience really changed what I do believe happens after death… interresting stuff.

Maybe it’s not your subconscious you’ll be talking to in this task.

That’s why I’m having you to ask the DC what it is. Don’t assume what the answer might be. Don’t even assume that there is such a thing as a personal subconscious.

Now, of course, you’ll be giving whatever it is the appearance that it seems to have. That’s the same thing you do when you take a Rorschach test. But don’t assume that you’re creating it out of scratch yourself, because that’s not what you do in a Rorschach exercise. In those tests, you look at something unknown that’s in front of you, and you gloss it into a familiar appearance.

Too me that’s the same. My view is that the unknown is filled by the subconcious. So wether that be the words of a DC or the feeling you have when dying.

And I understand what you are saying (I think); try not to think that when asking the questions… try really getting the answers out of nowhere but that is just what the subconcious is; is subconcious so that’s how it works…

wait, do I have to wrestle with him?? can’t I just ask him??

Ok I tried this last night… well sorta…
Since I only glanced at this topic, I tried to remember what to ask them (of course I didn’t wrestle him).
What is your name?
Lori (a guy though… :tongue:)
What are you?
a local bush pilot :grin:
Where are we?
…and that’s the one I forgot :tongue: (but we were standing in my back yard…)