Thunderstorms and dream recall

Somewhere in the marvelous book of Robert Moss, Conscious Dreaming, the author says this in a footnote on p58:

Electrical-storm activity seems to heighten psychic receptivity and increase the number of dreams we recall. However, individual dreams on such nights are often interrupted, and dream reports may be fragmentary, possibly the effect of multiple awakenings.

Thunderstorms increase the electrical charge in the air which might somehow interact with the electrical activity of brain cells (measured through EEG). But how could this explain an increase in dream recall? Does anyone know something about this? If higher charges in the air result in better dream recall, we might invent a head mask which generates low level electrical charges. This might help people with little or no dream recall. What do you think?

I don’t see how electricity even comes into the equation. Thunderstorms are loud, and generally are accompanied by rain, which changes the humidity and so forth. During thunderstorms, for me, the reason I remember my dreams more, and the reason my dreams are more “fragmented” is one and the same–I keep waking up, so I remember my dreams easier.

Good topic. Actually, my first LD was during a thunderstorm. Everyone seems to faintly recognize that thunderstorms impact your dreams, but I’ve never really seen anyone talk about it directly yet. :smile:

I know when theres a thunderstorm I wakeup a lot,And tha increses my dream recall.So who knows The ask might work.

I’ve an idea. The thunderstorm major effect is atmospheric ionization (negative ion generation). If it’s right, you don’t need to invent a head mask but buy an air ionizer.

There should be a few posts about negative ion generators. And they do seem to increase dream recall. Unfortunately it’s really hard to find one where I live, I managed to find a really cheap one (20 €) but they didn’t have any left :cry:

I did find a few other ones but they where over 300 € :eek: and that’s way too much for me to pay.

Nice analogy with the ionizer! I remember we had some long discussion about their effect… Yes this might be the explanation. Premature awakening alone wouldn’t explain the accompanying increased psychic receptivity, which Moss mentioned as another side effect of thunderstorms.

Yeah i was going to write just that.Thunderstorms ionize air same way ionizers do and after what we can read in the thread about ionizers they are really good aid with recall.
For those who dont have one i remind that salt lamps serve same purpose.

What are salt lamps ?

Lamps made of salt…pretty common…just take a look in any store dealing with esoterics or just look it up on the internet.I bought mine in the oridinary shop with lights.
good luck.