I had an interesting dream having to do with thunderstorms last night, unfortunately non-lucid. I realized upon waking that I often have dreams/nightmares about earth-shattering events such as the apocalypse or nuclear war when I fall asleep during a thunderstorm. Perhaps I could use this to trigger lucidity in the future? “Weather Induced Lucid Dream”

Have others had simular experiences? Please share :grin:


PS. This is my first post here, and some of you know me from the IRC channel.

I recently have had dreams with storms, ive had one when it was really and i mean really windy my fence was flying away and it was night time.
Another was when i was in like a really big mansion that was half over the ocean, and there was no walls in this mansion and it was a big storm outside with lightning galore and rain and wind. i was upstairs running past a dark man on a piano, and i was on red carpet, i went downstairs and was at a back room, that was at the end of the house.Its viewed the ocean but in this room was one really big spa and seperated into another room was 2 little spas, i got in the mansion because zombies or something was after

Was a really weird dream i havent had a weird dream like that since i was a kid.

Some time ago there was a related topic about natural disaster dreams. You can find it here:

Personally I’ve had several dreams about thunderstorms. Some strange things I saw:

  • really deep purple clouds
  • pitch-black ominous clouds in a blue sky
  • giant clouds with the shape of a snail’s shell. I just sat there and watched them. Really beautiful!
  • a horrific hurricane which came after me

Weather Induced Lucid Dreaming seems like a good idea James. But I think this will only work properly if weather phenomena play an important role in your dreams.

Yes, you can try and use it for your lucid RCs, but it can fail you since I’m sure that you don’t dream of the weather every night.

I love big natural disaters! I always dreamt of tornadoes chasing me. Now I face them fearlessly. I even flew along with the tornadoes few times! What a rush! It was fun!

Actually, the orginal intent of my post was to find out not if people frequently dream about weather, but what effect dreaming during weather has on their dreams. For instance, when I sleep during a thunderstorm the sound of the thunder is incorperated into my dream as apocalypic explosions. Perhaps other forms of weather may have an impact on dream content?