Tibetan boy able to recite world's longest poem after dream!

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Tibetan boy able to recite world’s longest poem after dream

BEIJING (AFP) - A 13-year-old Tibetan schoolboy has miraculously memorized large parts of the world’s longest poem after having had a mysterious dream.

Sitar Doje, a fifth-grader from Qamdo prefecture, had his dream two years ago and can now recite “The Life of King Gesar” for up to six hours on end, the Xinhua news agency reported Wednesday.The agency says Tibet has a long tradition of people waking from sleep inexplicably able to recite the poem from memory. Most of these “God-taught Masters”, however, are much older than Sitar Doje and are usually illiterate, the agency said.The lengthy 1,000-year old epic is also cherished by Mongolians and has given rise to a whole field of study referred to as “Gesarology”, Xinhua said.

If i only could sit in the mountains,looking at the river flowing slow,meditate and sleep…ohhh,what a life.
Damn Tibethan monks,no wonder they get such a results:)
good story

Sweetnes. What do people have to do to get this kind of dreams?

They prolly have some secret kind of weed growing there:)All we can do is just keep experimenting with them:)

Pass some of that secret weed over here Jack! :tulip: