Tibetan dream yoga

anyone experienced in dream yoga here? If so I would be very pleased to see a description on it here, so if anyone would be kind please do

In the Tibetan Buddhist temple I went to, I was told to concentrate/ imagine a diety above or on your crown chakra. It has to be something that inspires you. By concantrate you concantrate on that area. if you can’t concantrate, imagine a diety on it. That helps with concentration. Do it untill you fall asleep. I had an LD on my first try :smile:
It is hard to concantrate when your falling asleep tho.

In Dr. LaBerge’s Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming he mentions the Tibetan method of inducing lucid dreams and provides a brief detail of the process. However, I would stick to the WBTB, MILD and WILD methods. In my opinion, the meditation required for the Tibetan way is far too complicated, mystical and exotic.

well heres my guess. yoga is all about focusing your mind thru using your body. soo dream yoga is most likely focusing your mind while dreaming. maybe instead of just going wild in dreams and having fun, dream yoga is probably focusing your mind and gaining complete control over your dreams, maybe try meditating in the dream world, or focusing your attention on a single object or goal. just a guess.

Actually, in Tibetan dream yoga the most important practice is before going to sleep. It is the imagining before sleep. The LDs and clear dreams are a side affect and can be used to expend awareness.

Please, if you have any, post a link or some information on Tibetan dream yoga, like how to do it and what it is.

Please remember, from my experiances of Tibetan buddhism and Buddhism in general, it is like swiming in an ocean. Do not follow the exact practice word for word as it will only annoy you. Find variations for yourself. Chances are you will find your way anyway.

Read this about Buddhism if interested.

Here are links about dream Yoga
plotinus.com/zhine_tibetan_d … _part2.htm


Nice, thats what we needed.

About subject i can really recommend this book The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

amazon.com/gp/product/155939 … e&n=283155

Liked it a lot though i gotta admit ive been too lazy to follow those practices daily. Gotta give it another read someday again.

I have the book too.

I really only found that I was motivated to do the chakra visualizations upon each waking… the rest of it was too complex for my understanding.

The benefits of following something like T Dream Yoga is that you aren’t just lucid dreaming, you are using lucid dreaming to gain enlightenment, you are learning how to DISCIPLINE your mind far more than you ever could with most of our induction techniques which still rely a lot on chance.

The goal of Dream Yoga is to be able to retain consciousness in all processes of sleep, even deep sleep, and to not use dreams for fun so much as for self betterment and gaining insight into the workings of reality. [which incidentally will be FUN and very satisfying to do]

Im sure dream yoga is useful for OBE too.

Im so becomin a dream yogi now :smile:

I practiced it before I even knew what it was.

I purchased a CD by an american lama called Lama Surya Das. The CD was called “The tibetan yogas of dream and sleep” or something like that. I tried the techniques and started to have lucid dreams all the time! I have not been very successful with other lucid dreaming induction techniques before.
Right now I am in Dalai Lamas refugee in India, Dharamsala. I have found a monestary here where they teach dream yoga in english! Its a week long course and its going to cost me 700 rs = 15 euro.
What I think is so great about the dream yoga is that its a genuine spritual practice. You use your dreams to attain enlightment and to clean your past karmas instead of rolling in sensory pleasures both during the day AND night as suggested by many western dream scientists. Try it… The book about dream yoga mentioned before is very good to start with also. I’m not very good with advanced visualizations, but it seems like just the intention, trying to do them, and also praying to the almighty for help me, helps me to get lucid dreams. I’ve entered some WILD-dreams after practise, but mostly some friendly character in the dream reminds me of the fact that I am dreaming, or I realise by the place where the dream takes place…
I will tell you more about the dream yoga course after I’ve finished it.

I couldn’t stay to in India to attend the course, because I couldn’t change my flight ticket… But as soon as I can afford it I’m returning to McLeod Ganj/Dharamsala to attend this course! This thread is to interesting to die… Who have practised dream yoga and got luid dreams of it?

How cool is that ! :happy: How did you manage to get into Dharamsala? :eh: