Tibetan Dream Yoga

Tibetan Dream Yoga should be researched by all. It is an amazing ancient practice of gaining lucidity to help benefit yourself in incredible ways. The book I am reading on it now is so profound and delves into the true nature of what most refer to as “reality”. Truth be told there is no reality. Dreams are just as real if not more so when you take into consideration the differences between LDs and the waking world. Let’s see LDs have no death, no time, no attachments, nor limits, or physics.

I have come to the conclusion that the “Wonderland” I visit nightly is a better world to live in. I now believe that waking life is for the sole purpose of helping others reach enlightenment. So many are living this life with my fathers favorite motto “Who ever dies with the most toys wins” He says it jokingly of course. But it’s sad how true it is for many. “I want that Ferrari. I want a bigger house. I want a million dollars. I want the newest iPhone.” All knowing darn well they can’t take any of it with them into the next dimension. Sad.

Back on track. Tibetan Dream Yoga. Google it. The subject provides a much greater sense of worth to Lucid Dreaming. Describing such techniques to gain pure awareness when you become Lucid and the proceed to dissolve the dream state in order to float through an endless void disconnected from physical stimuli as well as the illusions of dreams.


cool, I’ve been trying to get into reading The Tibetan Yogas Of Dream And Sleep, but I usually take 900 times longer to read a book on the monitor :tongue: Is that the book you’re reading?

Never heard of it, will look it up. Thanks :smile:

Yah thats the book. Roughly 1/3 done, but I skimm a lil. I find it best to do so, then go back for detailed reading. its awesome. I just read it for free every other day in my bookstore

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Nobody saw this link :cool:

I enjoyed that book very much. It’s a great catalyst to propel the lucid dreamer along the path. I would really like to spend some time with a true teacher of that art. There is such a long history of experience in the Tibetan culture with dream work. A ten minute conversation with a master is what I want for my birthday… in case anyone is feeling generous :smile: