Tild- Tongue induced lucid dream, the substitute of Fild!

Hey, all. I thought of an idea to substitute fild of moving the fingers by using ur tongue. When you are very tired, just like fild, right before you fall back to sleep or whatever how you do fild, instead of moving fingers, slightly move tongue left and right on roof of mouth with minimum enery/effort and it should get you lucid in 10-30 secs. Just do basically what u do with fild but just with the tongue. If it works for me, dont thank me but thank hargarts for thinking about the original movement idea to get lucid :cool:

One could even do both TILD and FILD and it’d probably increases chances of a lucid dream even more.

whatever works for ya :smile:

lolz did i spell tongue wrong…yep umm how do i edit topic :sad:

with the edit button in the upper right of the post :cool:

I’d personally like to see this, FILD, and any other dream inducing techniques involving moving renamed under Movement initiated lucid dream, or MILD. oh wait. crap, the names already taken :sad: :tongue:

I guess it could be named Action Initiated Lucid Dream - AILD (If that’s not taken already :tongue:)