Tim Burton-ish dreams!

I have to make a short movie for college, following Tim Burton’s style, and I was considering making it with a dream-ish theme. But I need some inspiration… Does anyone here have/had Tim Burton-ish dreams and would be willing to share?

I’d love to see this dream made into a movie. :smile: I’m definately going to make a short story out of it anyways when I have some time to spend on literature. But I’d be honoured to be material for a movie.

Before I can answer that, I’m going to look up Tim Burton, because I know nothing about him. :razz:

Edit: Gotcha - gothic/surrealist/black humour - am I right?

I have several dreams that would fall into that genre, I think. One is from before I joined LD4all, called “Monster World”. It’s on my website, though. I’ll find you a link to it and come back and edit this when I do. Edit 2: https://amazingdreamjournal.50webs.com/MW.html

Other dreams that I think would fit would be:
“Statue and the Silver Key”

“Werewolves and an Actor-Afflicting Virus”

“Animal Experiments”

“Land of Ice and Snow”

“In Which I Tour A Strange And Eerie World”

“House of Terror”

…erm, possibly even “Ace Lightning as an Unemployed Lawnmower” (https://amazingdreamjournal.50webs.com/ALAUM.html), because despite being bright and tropical, that was a VERY FREAKY dream. There are more, but I haven’t seen all of Burton’s films, and so I’m not totally sure they’d fit.

Thanks a lot guys :smile: I’m picking up the ones I find coolest and that look more Tim Burton-ish. I’ll probably end up mixing them all and getting the good parts, but really, you guys have helped me a lot :happy:

I’ll let you guys know the work progress (and, of course, you’ll probably be credited in “Special Thanks” on the end of the movie :happy: :grin: