time dilation

I remember on the DV Chat I mentioned how I realised I should be getting ready for school during a Lucid Dream (They always come when you don’t want them :razz:) and woke myself up. I was told I should have used time dilation to make a minute seem like an hour. How do I do this?

ooooh…i remember reading about this. i read about a man who spent like 6 years in a LD that really lasted 2 hours in RL. i know there is a way…but forgot the website. I’ll search for it, but in the meantime just search it on google.

Hah, that sounds fun :grinnn:

can you imagine being in a LD that long…dang…and imagining coming out of that…adapting back to RL

Hi…Time Dialation within your dreams is a weird phenomena…I dont know the details but from experience have been able to identify the cause of the time-warping effect.
Your brain, with cooperation from the subconscious minds perception of time affects the way you perceive time in your dreams.
I’ve had dreams which seemed to last for days but in all reality only happened in less than 20 minutes…I was amazed at this weird phenomenon and needed an explanation before I chose dreams over reality :razz:
when you’re experiencing a dream, you dont have access to clocks which show the immidiate time and your own body-clock is only somewhat reliable although amazingly precise, it seems to get lost once you’re not paying lucid attention to the duration of the dream. So instead of playing out every single detail that you would have to experience in real life the subconscious uses a little technique to shed an illusion upon the dream-experience. I call this illusion (and probably along with alot of other people that have tried to come up with a decent explanation) The Movie Effect…for obvious reasons once they become apparent to you.
I could Astral Project myself right now from this chair and proove to myself that this theory is feasable… but to others it may be hard to distinctly tell when the film director(subconscious) fools the observer(conscious) into believing that time is passing as it does every day of your waking life…but really, it’s using a ‘scene’ change technique alot of movies use to fool the observer into believing that days or weeks or even years had passed by in only 20 seconds of movie-time.

Say I was experiencing a lucid dream in which everything was crystal clear and the sun was shining ever so brightly, I was conscious to the facts of who I am and what the hells actually happening, then something pops up to distract my lucidity for a breif moment and the subconscious quickly changes the environment (usually for the worse) and now it’s night time…since I lost lucidity I now believe that a day has passed since that experience and I carry on dreaming without lucidity untill im lucky enough to remember that something isn’t right…and its day-time again!!.. I wake up with a foggy mind and slowly realize that only 10 minutes have passed since I dozed off… but could sware on my own grave that it really did feel like two days…althought a bit brief, non the less…

Time within dreams is only dialated because you perceive and create it that way. We don’t usually have enough time in our short REM periods to live out anything spectacular or profound enough to change the way you think about dreams, so the subconscious helps a little and tricks ya.


So can I induce it myself?

yeah theres a way

How is this done? I am interested because it seems that most of my lUcid Dreams are relatively short.

i thought i found it…but im sure its not what i read. it was an article about a man who took a certain drug and was in a LD for 6 whole years…when in RL it was 2 hours.

thats not the article I read…because I would never try something having to do with drugs.

ill keep lookin!



Inducing the illusion would require a lucid yet detatched state of mind I presume, time dilation happens because your subconsciously observing your dream… if you were to gain lucidity and then realise how obsolete time is in a dream then the illusion of time dilation would also become obsolete.

The best way to “induce” it would be to
a)be in a normal dream or a very low state of lucidity.
b)try wbtb and have a “meh” attitude about lucidity but have your mind set on just recalling your dream after you wake.
c)relax and just dream how you usually dream, if your lucky you might just experience a year-long dream.

so even though you may not be lucid, you’ll hopefully have a long vivid time-expanded dream fresh in your memory when you wake up to write down and ponder about.

It’s not done… it just happens. Lucid dreams are possibly shorter because you’re partially or completely conscious of the way time operates in reality, spending more time soaking in the experience rather than having a “movie dream” that you’re not aware of the time being spent. So it just seems to fly past 100 times faster than how it seems to fly by in the material world…however if you’re lucid, you’ll experience the dream closer to the conscious way we perceive time.