Time in dreams

How much time in a dream is equivalent to in reality?
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Stephen LaBerge did an experiemnt on this topic. The ratio is the same as normal life, 1 minute of dream = 1 minutes of real life. He (LaBerge) found patients that could LD frequently and had them count some number of second in real life and then do the same on a dream, signalling with their eyes when they started and ended counting.

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ive heard of many people saying (probably simple superstitions) that a dream of like an hour is probably about 10 seconds long in real life.
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Stephen LaBerge also touches on this in his EWLD book. Essentially this time illusion is much like what happens in movies. Lets say you’re watching and you see an actor go to bed at 10:00 pm on the movie clock and then wake up at 7:00 am. You “assume” that 9 hours has passed even though you “know” it’s only been several seconds. Dreams often work like this; if you’re walking down a long road your mind ofte skips you to the end and you assume that it took the 15 minutes it might have taken to walk the road when in actuality it took a mere 10 seconds.