Time is messing with me

Perhaps we’ve heard the notion that it is only NOW and now is all it will ever be.

This makes the schism between 2 realities (dream and awake [though sleep can be considered one too]) very interesting…

for instance, today I know, fully, assuredly, I was in “Alaska” overlooking a nature scene, I decided to fly, my flying abilities were a bit weak and unsteady, I then imagined a jetpack was on me and that I flew up up up up but then tree branches were in danger of running into me and my mom wanted me to come back down.

While this happened I knew the branches were just illusory and it didn’t matter if I was recklessly in danger of “hitting” them because of my abrupt upward “ascent”


this is irrelevant because right now I’m typing on a message board. It makes me wonder, was I really lucid?

It seems like now to me the best way to approach lucidity is only if I carry an intention into my dreams from the waking world, such as “find a ruby in a trash can” … otherwise its like i’m using dream powers but letting my subconscious create the entire dream reality for me, and i’ll just interact with the dreams it gives me however I want.

Something about more conscious “me” activity needed in planning for the dreams, and less “whatever” surrendering to “you” [the subconscious] and then just using lucid powers.

What I’m trying to say is a bit tricky though, it is just ultimately a feeling such as, yes I was just dreaming… I was also just doing yoga, but… how do I know?

I’ve been in dreams and asked myself “how do i know that i am really lucid asking myself I am dreaming”

I think maybe I need to make a bit more progress in direct WILDing to get a very stronger sense of NOW and HERE while lucid…

does anyone know what I mean?

the two different realities are so seemingly incompatible, it is strange to be conscious in both of them.

Yes it can be very confusing. Being lucid while dreaming, or kind of drifting while awake. Both states can move in the direction of the other.
One point, I think that “lucid powers” is incorrect. Dream powers would be the correct term. Then the powers you have in the dream state are not dependent on being lucid. Often people complain that when they become lucid they no longer have these powers, and it can take time for them to learn to use their “dream powers” in LD´s.
As our lucidity increases while dreaming, more of our logical mind begins to actively take part in the experience. That is part of being lucid. It starts doing things like in WL. It knows that we cant fly IWL so it tries to "save" us by keeping us on the ground, or at least close to the ground. It is only when it learns the difference between awake and dreaming that it can relax and let us use all our dream powers. As for the conscious and the subconscious, the subconscious is always very busy. It is checking on lots of things all the time, keeping track of what we are not consciously thinking about. It lets us know when something else needs to be brought into our conscious thoughts. Like when we are talking with a friend at a party and then hear someone else say our name. We didnt hear anything else that they said, but our subconscious was keeping track, and brought our name into our conscious awareness.
Basically what I am trying to say is, trust your subconscious to take care of all the details. You can just worry about what you want to do in your dreams.
Note: If there is something that you need to know, it will try to make you aware of it. If your dreams keep going somewhere that you don´t want to, then maybe your SC is trying to tell you something.