Time travel in current life

Hey guys, i’ve been hangin on this board for a while but this is my first post so…hi :grin:

Here’s the thing:
I’ve had 2 instances or moments in my life, that i think could be very significant, but they just went by so fast that i dont really know if it was anything at all. i think it was though.

last night i tried to do an OBE, and i got a lot further then normal ( my leg kept tensing up, and that started to bother me a lot so i gave up :sad: ) i think i got to the stage where i saw through my closed eyelids and i had some mild vibrations a little later.

Now, im reading up on a lot of OBE material and there are some reports of OBE-Time travel to previous lives, so, does anyone of you have some experience in time travel to a point in your current life? Or do you think its even possible? I’ve never had an OBE btw.

And if it was possible ( and i could learn it ) would it be exactly the same moment? because i would really like to know what it was that i experienced all those years ago.

Thanx for reading.

:happy: elloh’!!

When i try to AP i often get the sensation of seeing through my eyes lids. In actuallity what is happening most of the time is that i am trying to hard and my eyes are opening slightly. If you want to test this theory i would suggest getting an eye mask (those thing people wear at night to block out light)

As for the leg tensing up this may just me muscle problems, to counter-act this simply have a relaxing bath before bed.

Is it possible, yes it is. I personally have not done it. However my friend has. - I found out that is is very suseptible to meditation in that she can close her eyes, relax and within 5minutes she is gone. I asked her to try something for me (astral projection) when she tried she found herself in a room with only a door and a figure in the room. (the first time she was disturbed - but i told her next time to ask the figure who it was.)
on asking hte figure who it was it said “whoever you want” she then immediately said her friends name and was taking back and relived the whole day with her friend, she say everything they did together, she also saw everything her friend did when she wasn’t with her originally during the day. after awhile she got a little freaked out by the experience and woke up.

she did ring her friend to ask whether what she had seen really happened and was told it was all correct.

that’s the best example I can give you of time traveling through your previous life.

and to your last question yes. If you can do it, it would be entirely possibly to go back to any moment.

Hey thanx for replying Insane_goth,

Sounds like your friend had a great experience, i’ll have to try that trough OBEing ( or is it APing ? :eh: )i geuss, since im too easily distracted for meditation.

I hope i can get to where your friend was soon because i’d really like to know what it was that happend back then, knowing that it is possible really helped a lot though.

Thanx again, i’m gonna give you advice a go.