Time Travel Made Possible

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I’m pretty sure this has been posted before (though I found nothing by search), cos this is two years old.
So, time travel made possible :wink: I’m not too good at explaining, so here’s a part from Discovery Science about it:
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I think it sounds awesome, being able to communicate with the future and past (though the past would be the present because of chain reaction) :smile: And Einstein’s theory about how light never changes it’s speed really makes this whole thing sounds pretty non-complicated (To understand, I’m sure it’s extremely complicated to do lol).
What do you think about this?

You can tell that it’ll take a while untill they can actually manipulate time, for now it just looks like they can travel randomly and see where they can land.

Watching that video though, you can tell this is rather stupid - youtube.com/watch?v=E2sp-clMk8s&NR=1

However it’s a nice video so why not believe it? :neutral:

interesting video that first one :smile: I wonder if they will get any results and where to find them but nonetheless it was very interesting .

About the second video: It’s a fake :razz: I know that since I have seen it on TV many times during the commercial, it’s just a swedish commercial ad by a pension company .
So know you know that :smile:.

Wow, a swedish commercial ad by a pension company? Well that’s interesting. But yeah I was having doubts myself if it was real or not. I mean, for one, why would you have a worm hole under your kitchen desk?

I discussed this with a friend of mine. We both wondered what would come out of the machine once it was turned on.

There are some problems that are not discussed. What if I put something in that machine, and a younger version of me discovers it. Would I have that memory? And if I had would I still put it in the machine? If I didn’t I would not have to memory :razz:
And If I do not have the memory. How can we proof that it worked?

The first video was really interesting.

Ironically I could swear that the voice narrating it was Tom Baker who played the 4th Doctor Who. If it was it would be very appropriate.

I just thought up what might be a Major problem with this time machine. If like the guy says you’ll only be able to send things through the time machine to the time it first started working, wouldn’t that mean everything sent through it would arrive in the same place at the same time, and wouldn’t that kind of be a problem since, depending on the length of time the machine is active, massive amounts of stuff could be sent through it. Also I think If you tried to talk through it you would get loads of people responding at the same time. Also i’m not sure if you could use it to go forward in time since the guy as you can ony send things to when the machine is turned on.

Besides the obvious technical and scientific problems and cautions…what about the ethics of it? Is time travel moral?

Every action in time can have cascading affects.

Lets assume for a moment that we can send people through time at some point. Now realistically it could be centuries before we get to that point. So just think how much the common cold would have mutated in that time. People from the same time will have grown and adapted, but to us living now. It could be the next pandemic that potentially could wipe out the human race.

When people think of the negatives of time travel, they often think of the "what if this guy killed X person and person Y was never born. But the truth is, the bigger time travel gap, the more likely that just our presence there could kill millions. Just imagine if it was possible to go to say 10AD and I just happened to have the measles virus, yes measles was around in BC times. But it would be a completely different mutation to what we know now.

There’s so many things to factor in. Even just giving yourself the lottery numbers could have devastating consequences to someone somewhere. Most people never look outside there bubble at what could change. So is it morally ethical in those terms? No.

That said, if there was a way to use time travel to watch the past, while remaining in your own time and thus having no actual affect on the time line. Why not?