Time Travel

Is time travel possible in LD? :woah:

[spoiler]I’ve just had a dream of reading a post below this one, claiming that it’s indeed possible.[/spoiler] :clock:

I claim that It’s indeed possible! But you wont wake up in a different time(besides how long you slept for)

That question is hard to answer. On one hand, you could theoretically travel to an area in the past, assuming you’re familiar with the time period. Like if you’re good with American history, checking out the Salem Witch Trials might not be so tough. But it’s not real time travel, it’s all still just a dream. And since this is your mind, you can fall victim to historical inaccuracy. If your only experience with ancient Egypt is in movies, and you travel to then in your dreams, guess what? You’re not in ancient Egypt because everybody’s speaking English, or maybe you hear music in the background, or some other silly thing that Hollywood did to pad its wallet.

This applies with languages, too. Go watch a Shakespeare play, lemme know how that works out for you.

Only in a symbolic sense, I once dreamt I was myself as a toddler and it was early 90s, not time travel as such but a simulation of it.

Hmmm… :content:

What you say seems logical - its only dream after all. It depends on your memory,unconscious etc.
But there is a possibility that brain can somehow store information from some source - something like akasa where is past, present, future -all possibilities there. But this is more spiritual claim i know. But still possibility exist… :smile:

I can confidently say hell yes. I dream of time all the time. Some of the stranger time travel dreams I’ve had include me going back slightly to when I was in an airport years ago and trying to get my own attention, and failing at it. It was funny because whenever I got close something strange would get in the way like a class of kids running up to me and pushing me out of the way. In fact, in that dream I went all over the place (and time!). I went to the future and saw these kiosks we have in our city but they were upgraded.

So yes, I can’t say what you’ll see will be particularly accurate, but you can certainly travel through time in dreams and lucid dreams!

Failing at it? hmm…

I wasn’t lucid in that dream , I was just saying because if it’s possible in a ND then it’s possible in an LD, and I’ve done it in LD’s before.


It is possible. Today I had a ND where I was walking around the New York City, looking at the Twin Towers when they were destroyed by terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001. That means I went 10 years back in time.