Timed MILD, a good tec?

I have tried to MILD for some nights, and now I came up with a new idea. “Timed MILD”! This is how it goes:

You wanna do this with WBTB. Stay up for 60min:
After waking up, think: “70 minutes from this moment I will understant that I´m dreaming”, then after 1min change it to 69min and so on. (I expect falling asleep takes 10min)

I hope someone else didn´t invent this first :happy:

I hope you understood my weird text :woo:

hm, sounds interesting. :content:

have you gotten it to work?

Not really.

When I think like “50min from this i´ll remember myself saying this”, It works. I just thought, why wouldn´t it work in dreams. I´m trying it tonight.