Timed RCs ?

During the day I often forget to do anything related to LDs, I rarely even think about em. It’s only in the late hours of the day that I really start getting concerned with my LDing. Even though I believe that once I get into this with constantly thinking and doing stuff related to LDing during the day I would get (hopefully) more lucid states in me dreams.
Has anyone tried with setting a regular ?watch? (the clock on the arm :smile: ) to beep like every half hour or so and at the beep do some form of RC and keep doing this for the entire day? Shouldn’t it proove to be a pretty good method to digest as much LD thinkies/doings during the day as possible)?
And in the night when yer dreaming and the watch goes beep you do a RC and TJOFF you realize yer dreaming?
I’ve been thinking about this alot lately and haven’t seen any posts on this and I was wondering if it works as well as I hope it does? Don’t have a watch yet, though I will get one as soon as I drag meself down town. :content:

yes i think many people have and there have been a few good results and a few poor ones as well. i can realte to my own experince about it.

Years ago when i started lucid dreaming i set my watch to go off on the hour every hour and after afew days of this i became lucid, i started to get into a habbit of RC and the beeping watch was my reminder to do it, but after a time i feel into the mistake that i think many people do with RC and lucid dreaming.

If you just half heartedly ask if you are dreaming or not, and just sorta do a quick RC then get back on with what you were doing it isnt good enough. i found that when i was doing this my lucid dreams fell off a lot. you have to ask and really ask it and feel it and look around for anysort of proof that you are or are not dreaming. the whole idea is that you try hard 2 really feel it.

with the watch beeping when u r asleep someimes u dont hear it but it is a good idea try it and see waht works best for you and good luck

don’t the swiss make great and precise watches? or so I’m lead to believe.

Many here have tried this, but I don’t wear a watch. I once set my cell phone to ask “Are you Dreaming” as a screensaver. We have a deaf member that has used watches that vibrate to help her do RCs. I think she used it during the night also to help trigger lucidity.

It’s a fun idea, and I think it could help.

Ok thanks… Think i’ll get that watch on wednesday. Will post if I have any progress with it.