Tingling and learning to fly

I’m new here so I hope this is the right place to post.

Many times before lucid dreaming, when I first lie down my whole body tingles, as if it going to sleep, like when a limb “goes to sleep”, but without the pain, more like tingling up your spine, but all over. Still totally awake in my head and immediately enter into a lucid dream. Can even consciously leave the dream and open my eyes while my body is still asleep and tingling then close eyes and go back in. Maybe this will help anyone?

Also while in a lucid dream I find I have to learn to fly and it takes effort. Much like learning to use a new muscle, like flapping wings. It is a similar effort to doing yoga, like channeling energy into the 3rd eye. Do other people have similar flying experiences? How to make flying easier?

From my experience - not over thinking things helps very much and also confidence!

Sometimes is easier to imagine a place you want to be not the distance you want to pass and imagine yourself flying there. And that shouldn’t take too much effort.

I’m…not entirely sure how that would help someone…but it is interesting to hear about I guess.
Opening your eyes on command is something you can learn, and it’s actually pretty simple. Usually before I end a dream, I become aware of my physical eyes and open them myself. It helps with dream recall, instead of letting your dream slip from you completely and then writing all its’ contents down.

As far as the tingling feeling goes, if it works for you, then continue using it. I would say describe it in more detail if you want to explain to others what you feel it is, and relate its’ similarities to other methods of lucid dreaming.

Though I haven’t flown in LD, I have done so in ND about four times. I got the highest by having an umbrella in my hand and letting the wind blow me away. I could see the whole town beneath me and it was really exciting. The idea is having an object that helps you fly and deceive your brain into thinking it’s consistent with the rules of physics. Flying all by yourself isn’t normal so maybe your mind thinks that you aren’t allowed to do that. Try hopping off a plane or doing the umbrella trick. Might help.

There’s actually a whole thread on different flying styles, which work best. But to get technical, all it comes down to is the belief you can or not. And that doesn’t just mean if your lucid you know you can, because there are different levels of lucidity. And obtaining a layer 4 can be a bit difficult, you just have to keep practicing, and find what works for you. :smile: