Tips for WILDing at bedtime

Does anyone have any tips to make WILDing at bedtime quicker/easier? Is it even a good idea(I know WILDing at bedtime is harder than WILDing in the middle of the night, but just how much harder?)?

When we go to sleep in the evening, the first REM phase comes after around 90 minutes. That means that you’ll have to stay conscious during 90 minutes of NREM sleep if you want to do a successfull WILD. While this is possible, it’s totally hard and exhausting. Only a couple of experienced LD’ers have achieved this.
Also, take note on the fact that during the first REM phase dreams last no longer than 5-10 minutes on average. Would you really want to sacrifice your energy, staying conscious for almost 2 hours just to achieve 5 minutes of a dream, which is usually not that vivid as the dreams, which happen later in the night?

I would certainly recommend doing WILD after 4-6 hours of sleep. Not only will you enter the dream almost instantly (not having to wait 90 minutes), but it will be much longer (up to 1-2 hours) and much more vivid.

When going to sleep, a better technique to do is MILD. That way, you will probably have a LD later in the night. WILD is technically possible, but extremely hard to do.

Also, I forgot to mention, that you can also WILD during afternoon naps. During day sleep, we dream most of the time, so it’s also easy to enter a dream, provided that you fall asleep during the day pretty easily.

Thanks, I figured as much, but I wasn’t sure. No wonder I’ve never achieved a WILD!
While were at it, about how long does it take to achieve a WILD after 4-6 hours of sleep?

Thanks! I wanted to know how I can WILD at bedtime, but if I hadn’t seen that reply, I would’ve kept trying XD

I’m a little confused now: I read somewhere on ld4all that we do dream when not in a REM phase, just not as vivid as in REM. So isn’t it possible to slip into a non-REM dream (if such a thing exists - I can’t verify this) and get lucid there?

If you manage to have such a NREM dream, then it should be possible to get lucid in it, but the problem is that you will most likely have to stabilize it most of the time since it won’t be as vivid and stable as REM dreams.
It is also possible that you mistake the dream for HH and wake yourself up by interacting with it too early.

Usually a few minutes, depends on how fast you personally fall asleep and how tired you are.

We may dream during the deep NREM phases (NREM-2 and NREM-3). Still, such dreams are rare. Moreover, they are more like hallucinations, not fully vivid dreams. Therefore, it’s quite hard to recall them. It could be possible to become lucid during them, but the experience wouldn’t be very exciting as the dream is quite blurry. It would be like consciously watching some very vivid HH.