Tiredness/Lack of Sleep

Does being tired affect the frequency of LD 's, or cut down on the effectiveness of various ILD 's? I’m asking because I think I have a sleep disorder, I often get to a point where I find it impossible to sleep until early in the morning, and end up becoming VERY tired. When I have had LD 's, I have been in a normal routine, and have had about two a month. I haven’t had this wierd sleep loss thingy while I’ve had LD 's until now, and this also has been the time when I’ve decided to try out other ILD 's…I haven’t had an LD in about a month and a half, is this to do with the tiredness? Or is it to do with the fact that I’m trying these new ILD 's, or is it just a period of not having them I’m going through?

Anyone know?

Lol…sad question, but even if no-one knows, I’ll figure it out in about a month, cos I’ll be sleeping better again lol.

Is this a real sleep disorder, or is it just me?!

I go through something similar periodically and I do have less LD’s at that time. Then I seem to sleep a lot to make up for it and the LD’s come back.

So as not to get bored, while lack of sleep reduces LD’s, it enhances HH and HI. I’ve had some beauties from lack of sleep so it’s not all bad. :smile:

Sometimes I get the same thing and lie for 4 hours and can’t sleep. It’s really anoying. But usually I get a lot more REM sleep the next night, and because of that I get more dreams. Sometimes I have remembered up to 10 dreams on one of those nights.

Btw Learjet is right about getting more HH and HI when your tired. I got my first HI one night when I couldn’t sleep.

I looked up hallucinating when you’re tired and didn’t find much on it, just that it happens. I once was laying in bed, and I swear this guy came up to me and went to kiss me on the cheek…I literally jumped out of bed cos it was that real!

whenever i dont get enough sleep i usually have terrible dream recall, but i dont have LDs that often yet and so i couldnt tell you if it effected LD recall or frequency. Then again if it made me forget an LD how would i know i had forgotten an LD? (unless it was a partial forgetting). Then again i dont really think you can forget LD’s, i guess if you had a sort of method for LD’s, and you were more tired youd probably be less motivated to pull that method effectively?

Most of my LD’s were in late REM stages, after 7-8 hours of sleep. Maybe it’s because of lighter sleep in later stages, so you’re more conscious/aware.

Actually, that’s usually put down to the fact that later REM stages are longer. From 10 minutes at first to about 45 minutes, I think.


I have a sleeping disorder of a sort (forget what its called, something-syndrome), its not anything too bad but it similar to yours PistGurl, I can;t get to sleep sometimes at night, I stay up all night doing nothing and then I get really tired till I finally fall asleep, sometimes I get up early sometimes not, its strange
but the point is, it does cause me to be tired very often and not get the right amount of sleep, and I think this DOES affect LD’s, because I find that when I awake and im tired I cant concentrate on any dreams I had, or not many at all
usually just a blur,

Something I have tried which DOES help, but doesn’t solve the problem totally if you have a sleeping disorder as I do,
try and go to bed 1 hour earlier than you did the night before (or around that), each night, for a while
lets assume you can’t sleep till 6am usually.
go to bed at 5am one night, if you can’t sleep till 6, just lay there and rest and pretend your sleeping.
next night go to bed at 4:30, you may lie there till 5-5:30, but again just let yourself rest and pretend your asleep.

Next night try 4, or 3:30, and slowly slowly try and go to bed abit earlier each night

then you will slow develop (somewhat) a sleeping pattern and get more sleep each night

then you can concentrate more on dreaming and LD’ing!

good luck i hope i helped,


thankyou…will try that (she says…at 10 to two…and doesn’t plan to head upstairs for a while!) no, seriously, i will.
I’ve found out I’ve got bipolar, which sometimes affects sleep, but not like I do.
Why me?
Now I’ve got OCD, depression, ADD, bipolar, mild skitzophrenia (which means I cant concentrate and things in my imagination don’t do what I want them to do) And loads of others. Oh well, as long as this works, and I can get my sleep, I don’t care

Well if you start sleeping more hours each night it helps with everything…sleep is important!

Ive added you to my MSN list I hope we can chat soon…!


yes, cool…I’ll talk to you whenever…ok, mark my time…3:53 am, ok,so tomorrow I would go at what? 3:50?! lol

Anyway c u on msn

Hey pist girl, if your taking medicine for ADD, the side effects of it are insommnia. It sucks and would do the same thing to me, I’m currently lowering the dosage and seeing how it affects my sleep.

Hey…now I come to think about it, all my not sleeping started just after I started taking stuff for it…but I haven’t taken any in ages…and I still do it.

Does it have long lasting side effects in some cases?

[i]Hey…now I come to think about it, all my not sleeping started just after I started taking stuff for it…but I haven’t taken any in ages…and I still do it.

Does it have long lasting side effects in some cases?[/i]

It might have messed with your circadian rythem( Average sleeping times and such for your body and affects when your body prepares to sleep if I remember correctly). If you went to sleep around 12 o clock with the meds for awhile, your body might get used to it and prepare for sleep at that time anyway…hmmmI didn’t do some well on this unit for psychology class so somebody feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

EDIT: my sleep imrpoved greatly whenever I was off of it. It took affect imediately.