Tiring dreams

I remember I’ve seen many times on LD’ing forums accounts of curious dreams. They are generally made by girls.

Those persons say that they have often dreams from which they wake up very tired. According to them, those dreams are not normal dreams, because they have to do a (mental?) effort in them. They are perhaps sort of controlled dreams.

Did this happen to you? Do you know someone who has this sort of dreams? Are they girls or boys? What do you know about these tiring dreams? :eh:

Were some of them mine? That’s the kind of thing I’d say! :tongue:

All the time. I’m a very bad morning person as a result.

Yes. Me. :wink: Except I would say they ARE normal (well, normal for me, anyway).

I’m a girl!

Not much. I mean, I could tell you all about the dreams themselves (just see my dream journal!), but I have no idea why I always wake up so exhausted. I do know it’s much, much worse if someone wakes me up from a vivid part of the dream when I’m not ready to wake up yet naturally, and I’ve noticed that this quite often happens at a very important/interesting/vivid moment.

But I have absolutely no idea why I get so tired.

Usually for me normal dreams leave me normally well-rested, and lucid dreams leave me with more energy, although that could always just be because they make me happy. The dreams that leave me just as tired as I was the night before are the ones where things are really inconsistent and constantly changing. Often these are dreams where I’m constantly unsure if I’m dreaming or not. I have a feeling it just happens when the dream is something that’s really stressful for a long period of time for example, being completely confused about what’s going on for hours at a time.

The only dreams that i wake up tired from are dreams where I am lost and spend all the time just walking around in circles trying to find my way.

Ugh, same here. Also dreams that repeat over and over for hours. I used to get those when I was young. Luckly now I use them as a DS.

In my case, that is difficult to tell because I have to wake up by alarm. This means I wake up from every dream tired, whether it was interesting or not, vivid or fragmental. I can only tell a difference if it were a weekend or vacation. :shrug:

I never been tired from a dream , but yesterday I dreamed 3 dreams in a night ( my record) and I was a little tired of that but maybe that wasnt because of that.

Only a few days ago I had I really stressful dream in which I had woken up late an I was rushing round trying to get the children to school, phoning the woman I normally give a lift to and trying to do 100 things at once.
When I woke up from that dream, I felt tired and really stressed out (only feeling slightly relieved by the fact that it was not late at all). What a way to start the day :cry:

Ugh Basilus! Had one of these nights the other night!
I woke up at 7:08, felt exhausted, slept, woke again at 7:18 and had to double check the time. My dream seemed to last an hour, and yet it was only ten minutes later!
After arriving at work that day I can’t even begin to tell you how exhausted I felt. It felt like the end of the day rather than the beginning.
My partner told me when I got home that I had woken him up in the middle of the night after I apparently had a severe nightmare.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some correlation between nightmare occurence and ‘exhaustion’. Wouldn’t surprise me at all :neutral:

Yes. On three cases: 1) dreams in which I have to put a lot of effort, mental or physical—or any dream in which I feel exhausted; 2) nightmares; 3) dreams I have when I’m sick.

Every now and then someone tells me a story about one of those, I guess they’re normal…

Both, but mainly girls (then again, I don’t talk that much about dreams with the guys).

Nothing technical. :smile:

I only wake up tired because I didn’t sleep properly. My type of dreams don’t make much difference in that respect.

Although if I have dreams where I am running, I often wake up more energised than usual.

Hmmm. When I had my nightmare, it was one of the rare, rare times I didn’t feel tired! I had so much adrenelin shooting through my body that it was just the opposite!

Oh yeah Stormy, I’ve had so much adrenalin shooting through my body after a nightmare, I used to jump right out of bed and land on the floor. Literally. No exageration!!

I always feel really tired in the mornings, I tend to dream all night, and have a lot of very vivd nightmares, so that could be why?

I get those kind of dreams and i am a boy :tongue:. They are really irritating, i am in a half awake and half asleep state and i don’t know what’s going on. All these voices in my head, i see my friend sitting on my bed, i wake up and check and he is gone!

I get these dreams when my brain is too stimulated…it’s diffrent than not being able to sleep because i am sleeping…just waking up every 5 minutes confused thinking that i am in the middle of a test, or that me sleeping is interrupting the way my friends play football ! :content:

I don’t believe nightmares are what cause you to be exhausted as such, not primarily anyway. Nightmares seem to be the brains way of integrating frustration and anxiety, an attempt at resolving psychological issues.
I did an article review on the prevalence of nightmares vs mental well-bing check my signature!!

My dad once had a dream he was a car engine, when he woke up he was exhausted! lol , ok bad joke…