Titling dreams-a problem

I find it helpful to title dreams in my dream journal. But sometimes, although I am sure one part of a dream came after another part, on the surface they are very different e.g. they are in completely different locations. Does anyone else have this problem?

I think you’re overthinking this. The point of writing a dream journal is simply to improve awareness and memory of your dreams at night. It doesn’t really matter what order you write them in as long as you get all the information down. If you really feel like two different dreams are separate, write them separately. It doesn’t matter what order they’re in. Also I’m not too sure what titling has to do with this?

It was just a technique that someone recommended to me…it does make sense when parts of your dreams go together. Maybe the title to the thread wasn’t very clear-I was just wondering if anyone else seems to have dreams where they seem to follow, but consist of different things or take place in different locations

I know what you’re talking about. :smile: I don’t put titles on my dreams anymore and that might just be part of the reason! It’s not that important, so nothing to worry about. You can create a title related to the part of the dream that seems more important to you.

Ohh that makes sense. :smile: I have dreams like that extremely frequently. In fact, almost all dreams are like that. They’re random and seem to go all over the place. It’s honestly just the way they are. Just make the title something that signifies a key part of the dream, or even just the part that is most significant to you. Again, it really doesn’t matter, it’s just a technique to organize and remember dreams.