To all of those who FEAR the SLEEP PARALYSIS phase

it seems a lot of the people here are quite obsessed with the sleep paralysis phase and are especially confused on what exactly goes on when it does happen. while im not here to talk about what it is, i would like to address the FEAR regarding this situation.

one can not dismiss the fact of how startling a SP experience can be, especially if this is your first time experiencing a SP your heart would probably race through hell and youll find yourself in a situation one would only think happens in movies. whether it is hallucinations, entities, beings, mind stuff/energy i will leave you to decide, this really shouldn’t matter right now. whatever you believe, this is all comes down to the fact that it is none-physical.
knowing that single fact and as part of dealing with the fear in the situation of SP you can always rest assure that it has no power over you, in none physicality you will not get hurt.

you see, if you are going to delve into lucid dreaming this is a phase you will probably cross a few times, its important to know how to deal with it since you can also use it for your own advantage. so yes, your first time? youll probably be scared poopless, but take this to heart and know that the next time you have this experience you shouldnt feel any fear simply because it has no way to hurt you, no power over you, you are in control and thus, why would you fear at all?

what happens is as human beings most of us have this deep “fear” of the unknown, we are used to life carried out in a certain way and when something too bizarre and out of the ordinary unfolds this fear of the unknown explodes in our face, in situation such as this our primal survival instinct kicks into action and the ‘fight or flight’ response turns on - we hysterically panic, wanting to run away out of fear but, well, what do you know… paralysis… cant move.
the idea is that this survival instinct can be changed, modified, it is a part of you just as your bladder, and if you dont pee in bad any more, if you got that nervous bladder under control! so can you do with the survival instinct system.

but why do i have SCARY “hallucinations” ?
well this is exactly why!
youre panicking cause you cant move, this unfamiliar situation. but we must take account of your own state at that time.
as you must heard a lot SP is actually a good sign, its the middle ground of transitioning into the dream, perfectly normal phenomenon which happens every night its just that now youre moving through it consciously. BECAUSE it is this middle ground - you are awake yet in sleep, which is a VERY interesting phase. so, youre in the physical, the waking state, while still being affected by the dream state.
the two combine, you are aware of both physical and non-physical, awake yet dreaming and in this orchestra the two blend and although youre in your room you get to see things which does not “belong” there, thing of the dream realm.

we go back, why scary characters?
it is just as in the dream, you bring about the idea of fear, and fearful experiences will unfold instantaneously, and … vise verse.
yeah! its your emotional state that brings upon the scary figures/experiences/situations!
hooray! discovery!

sounds fun, no?
well this is exactly the right approach to make this happen, take it as a challenge, remind yourself each time youre there it cant hurt you, you are in control, you might even go with “it is a part of you”, it is something unknown to you, so why would it be bad? just because you are not familiar with it? because you dont quiet know what it is? because that guy has three eyes and that monster looks hungry?
so what!?
it still has the same chances of being good just as it is of being bad 50%-50%.
and slowly you will get use to it more and more, and this is speaking from my own experience. at the very least, if you calm yourself in that state, this figure in front of you will just slowly vanish.

take CONTROL! be a HERO! make COMFORTABLE the uncomfortable, make a STAND! CONFRONT your fear! ENJOY the experience.

<if this is not an appropriate place for this kind of post please move it to the right section of the site, i would like for as much as people as possible who are afraid of this experience to read this>

Thank you Awe for this documented instruction,

I believe that you have helped greatly many of us.
I also have realized how critical is the contribution of SP and/or nightmares in awakening our inner powers.
It works like an instant reminder (or an existential alarm) that may save us later when we will perhaps really need it much more.
I mean by this that nightmares and SP are exercising us in a valuable after life capability.
As most religions state that: “Sleep is the brother of Death”, then, the usability of dream remembrance is profound.
In order to elaborate this critical factor I should correlate it with “Bardo Thodol”.

  • Bardo Thodol or “Tibetan Book of the Dead” is the holiest of the Tibetan sacred books, and it is read always to any deceased person as instruction to follow between their incarnations. Death is not the issue of the book, the only issue is Primal Light.
    Most of the instruction concerns the quest for light. But if someone does not manage to follow the light path, then he passes necessarily through a stage of unreal figures that cannot harm him, but only frighten and paralyze. If he can gain awareness then they vanish in thin air. Otherwise he proceeds to be incarnated again.
    So as I believe in a unified world that nothing exists in vain, so I agree with you for the critical value that SP offers…
    A True opportunity for any of us to exist consciously!
    Just Dare…

Thank you promitheus =D
from lack of replyes i actaully thought most people ignored this topic ^^…

its such a great fun to talk about this subject and the one you brought up, i also read about sleep and dream yoga by Rinpoche, he also mentions the idea of using lucid dreams as training for death, how would one “deal” with death if he would be in an unconsious state?

you might enjoy this topic as well: 8)

I’ve grown to love and look forward to the SP phase of WILD onset. To be clear, yes…lots of potentially scary stuff happens during this phase invariably. However, over time, the fear has kind of recalibrated to a kind of feeling of intensity/exhilaration…similar to the feeling of cresting that first hill of a roller coaster :smile:

yes i completely agree little monkey, i mean glypheye =P (lol hes so cute i had to comment about it)

i wrote about it in the cool looking smily link i provided in my previous replay (hoping people understood its a link…)

:smile: Squirrel monkeys are among my favorites. No brainer, actually…I love squirrels…and I love monkeys. Best of both worlds! :happy:

I’ll check out the link!