To perform WILD must we have a good Dream Recall??

Hey people! Last year I was so interested about LD that I Decided to study more about it, and after 1 month… Yeah!! LD! :smile: Was so quick but so exciting! After that I tried more and more, but no more LDs… I gave up. Now I’m here again and I’m really trying to improve my Dream Recall, but this week I tried 3 times WILD and nothing! As my Dream Recall isn’t so good yet, I realized that my fail was basicaly because of my poor Dream Recall… I onlyremember almost a dream each night!

Am I right??
If not, How more I need to improve? 2, 3 Dreams per night??

I honestly am not sure. But i personally remember a high level WILD as good as a memory from the waking state. But i guess it also depends on if you wake up afterwards or not. But are you sure you are talking about WILD? because you should atleast remember entereing a dream? When you WILD you enter a dream without losing consciousness at all.

I am not sure if there is a difference between ability to recall MILDS and WILDS, if anything I would think it would be easier to recall a WILD. Howeve,r good dream recall is important to be able to remember your lucid dreams on a consistent basis.

Dream recall will help a lot with Lucid Dreaming in general but I don’t see how that will specifically help with just WILD.

Most people are getting excited about their LD’s, If you want to be able to recall dream after waking up, you’ll recall it.

I think that recalling one - two dreams at night is enough. Altrough to regular WILD, it must be stable recall.


What about MILD, DeadDuck? xD

I used to have trouble with recalling dreams so I basically… Never remembered I had a Lucid Dream… But hell you could be having five million (well maybe a LITTLE less) a night and you would never had known that because you couldn’t remember your dreams. :razz:

No, you don’t need good dream recall to do WILD or any other LD tech. You just may not remember your LD’s. I think that in general DeadDuck is right, your first LD’s are so exciting that you remember them. you also tend to wake up right after they start.
With WILD, if you are doing it when you first go to bed, then you may sleep after an LD, with other dreams later in the night, which can make you forget the LD. Other then that I also do not see any difference between WILD and other techs in remembering dreams.

Hey! Thanks people! I’m new here and I could never imagine I would been answered quickly like that! :happy:

So Its ok!! I’m starting to improve my Dream Recall (It’s ans essencial ability as well), but I’m in the beggining (Just a dream per night and no so clear)…

So guys, How is the level consideredgood for a Dream Recall?? 2, 3 per night??

About 1 per night is far enough IMO.