To see the reality

Hello everybody,

First, I’m sorry for my english, because i’m swiss and I try to go to the french forum, but it’s closed. :sad:

I do lucid dreams somethimes. I have some technics to succeed my dreams, but it’s very hard.

My technique it’s to test if what i’m seeing it’s real…just to use my consciousness.

An exemple. I’m studing at school, and i’m naked…I tell me ‘’ If i go to school naked, I must remember me that i’ve set up naked, take my bus naked and walk on the street naked…but i remember just that i’m in school naked, not before. And I tell me ‘’ ok, if i’m naked in school and nobody says someting, it’s because i’m dreaming ! But when I tell me that, I don’t understand that I’m dreaming…and I finish my dream and wake up…

Do you think that’s a good technique ?

What can I try ? I hope that you have understood me and if you have somes questions, tell me !

Have I nice night !

Questioning reality is basically the key to all RC’s, so I think that technique is fine, although it can help to add a second RC, like trying to breath with your nose pinched as backup RC in cause of doubt.

Waking up quickly after becoming lucid is quite common when starting to lucid dream. You could try reading the following guide, which is really quite helpful.
[url]Dream Control Training Course]

Thanks for your reply ! I will read your link soon when I have free Time ! :smile: