To those harboring doubt

Self delusion is the weakness and streangth of the mind. When used to support the possibility of an event, it opens the mind to said possibility. Now, while convincing yourself “The aleins are attacking tomarrow!” may lead to a little disappointment, convincing yourself that “I am going to have Lucid Dreams” will have a very interesting effect!

As long as first, you dont obsess, and second, you continue to Believe, your mind will surely, even if slowly, believe what you have been telling it, and will thus make happen what it believes will happen. And as a result, you attain lucidity because you have told yourself that such will happen.

Inversely, an ounce of doubt makes for a ton of failure. If you close your mind off from the possibility of success then your odds of having a LD have pretty much gone down the toilet. Even so there are a few instances where giving up seems to trigger subsequent LD’s, more often than not because the dreamer had been a little over obsessed on the topic to begin with…

I suppose you could consider that to be a backed up toilet? A little humor, even bad humor, is always fun to stick in a post.