tobacco --does it hinder dream recall and ld??

i have a question. i have used smokeless tobacco in the form of skoal for years. a few months ago i switched to chewing tobacoo and i have noticed that my recall and abilty to ld has decressed a lot. has anyone else expereinced anything like this??
i am planning on getting the nicotine patch in the next few weeks to try to get off the stuff all together. i have heard that the patch will cause u to have very vivid dreams. hopefully that is true and will be a bounus to getting off the stuff. :wink:

I’ve been an lder all my life, and I didn’t notice a drop after I started smoking.

On days I can’t smoke my dream recall goes down,Odd huh?

Probably because your mind being stressed if you are addicted to the nicotine.

I haven’t noticed anything of the sort sence i started paying attention to my dreams. The only thing i’ve had a problem with is that if i smoke before going to sleep it screws with my ablility to do what ever method i chose to try and induce an Ld because my mind is much more active.

This is because Nicotine is a stimulant so it will generally make your mind more active and thus make it hard to relax and use a variety LD techniques.

No weed,no nicotine…soon propably no alcohol and no sex…gods, all this lding starts to cost too much:)