Today marks a new LD4all era

As of today, march 17th 2020 we have officially migrated to a new forum.
Can you imagine? The previous (phpbb) forum has served us well from 2002 until now. High time for an upgrade!

We haven’t only moved the current forum, also the archive has been merged back into the forum. That means we now go all the way back again to 2002 and there is no need anymore to keep up a separate archive.

I am very happy that I can today welcome you to the new LD4all, aka LD4all2020

And I want to conclude by thanking a few dear folks whose support, help and magical scripts were invaluable!

@Ysim thank you for your ninja coding skills. Without you the moved forum would not look the way it looks now. We have Ysim to thank for the fact that we can still use our DJ BB codes, we have colour BB codes, and all the links that previously linked to now link to In a way, he is also the one that sparked this migration, because it was not until he kindly hosted a test forum for us, which enabled me to take it for a test drive, that I could see that this would be the solution for our new forum.

@moogle thank you for your support, advice and invisible help. I can never really see what you are doing behind the screens but I know you are doing it because things run smoothly. You are a huge support and help! I really appreciate your solutions and ideas!

@Siiw thank you for your help, while you are so busy with other things you still find the time to drop in and help where needed :hugs:

@Eilatan even though you were actually writing a thesis you still found the time to drop in and poke around, and find bugs and issues that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. Besides that, as head scribe and secret club leader you seem always to be there when needed, keeping track of everything and knowing what’s going on. And writing up (together with moogle) a quick last-minute Quest!

@ secret club members (you know who you are) Thank you for your support and being who you are. If it weren’t for you I would probably never even considered moving to another forum, or finding the forum we have now. You keep me on my toes and awake, and aware of issues that you and other members may face, and poke me until I fix them ;p (or at least give a good reason why things are the way they are)

:tulip: :tulip: :tulip: :tulip:

Everybody, I hope you enjoy your stay and may this new forum revitalize the LD4all spirit and bring many old and new members to share the art and knowledge of lucid dreaming! :dream:


My stars?! Where have they gone??? Well at least my TARDIS is where I parked it :tardis:

Very happy for LD4all2020. This community has been such a big part of my life. I’m so happy to see it’s still moving forward!


:partying_face: Welcome everyone to the 5th incarnation of LD4All!!! :wave:

This move has been a long while coming, and there were many people who devoted their time and attention to making it happen. (And they are still working in the background to make sure that things stay running smoothly!) I am really grateful to all of them for their hard work and perseverance. And now so glad to be able to share this place with everyone!

It was fun to be a part of the team that brought this all together. Thank you all for working so hard. <3

*Eilatan hands out assorted LD cookies and hugs :grouphug:


Amazing work everyone! This is my first time since february back on the forum so it’ll take some time to get used to it but everything looks good!

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*Smiles looking around…
Definitely been a while…Love what yal have done with the place!


Welcome back, Koharo!

*Eilatan gives LD cookie



Happy Anniversary!