Todays energy...

I dont know what the deal is with todays energy, but it is really rubbing me the wrong way. Its hard to explaine, its like the opposite of… I dont know, its just anoying as hell, and somwhat. Its the total oposite of spiritual energy. I cant explaine it, but its pissing me off. Have you ever had these days.

Im just glad that every day has a diffrent energy, I dont have to many bad days. I have been feeling the “pull” latley that will lead us to 2012.

I know what you mean about those bad-energy days. Although today wasn’t one I have definitely had them. Everything seems to turn out wrong and the day has a very negative feel to it. A feeling that something is just “not right”. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you :smile:

I think yesterday was a bad day for me. I wrecked my leg in PE playing rugby, and had to sit out the rest of the lesson, then i was told to try and walk as normally as possible, but it didn’t help because i had torn a ligament! It was just one of those days…

I usually don’t pay attention to the energy much, but I will admit that yesterday wasn’t the best day. The only thing that went right was work.

Otherwise, I couldn’t get into the Zone. Even playing Aetherius on my synthesizer didn’t shrug off the effect.

On the bright side, yesterday convinced me to learn some basic Tai’Chi, which I will attempt to use in combination with fasting, to realign my energy.

You all sure you’re not just paying attention only to the bad things?

That’s so true Abyss…we tend to do that don’t we. Five fantastic things could happen and one bad and which one are we going to remember and dwell on? I try to make a conscious effort to think about the good things in the day and focus on them when I can.

Nothing good has happened to me today.

But on the flip side nothing bad either. So it’s all good. :wink:

Yes - if nothing bad has happened I tend to consider that to be a decent day.

Area51, I agree 100% with you. I see many synchronities in my life that lead me to conclusions that everything is right on about 2012. Today was a good day, though. Full of meanings and hidden messages. Things are changing, take a look around. A consious look.

I never really notice bad and good days. Either that’s the case, or all of my days are good.

Uh, well I know that near this day (possibly this day exactly) I realized my life as a lucid dream (wasn’t into lucid dreams at all but at the end of December I randomly asked(well, I actually said I was going to have one) for a lucid dream on the 22nd, sorry not good with the Mayan calendar yet) while meditating in a meadow at UC Santa Cruz… I went home that night and dropped out of school as a result and I’m working piecing things back together… Sorry if this somehow fucked with the world… Still letting things settle… I’m awake for better or for worse. :shy: