Toilets/bathrooms in dreams

I’ve been told that all toilets are either unfindable or very dirty in dreams, now that I think about it, mine are, does everyone else find this or is this just some of us, and if everyone does find this is true, then does anyone know why? :eh: :confused:

I know it is true for me. In my dreams toilets are either dirty or mutated in some way .For example: I had one dream where the toilet in a public rest room was a large round fountain, in another I found the bathroom but the hole room was just one big shower with no toilet or sink(and I really had to go), and another was cluttered and cramped, dirty and I could not get to the toilet.

Hmmm, yesterday night I dreamt about toilets. I was at a school and they weren’t dirty. But the place was full of dirty evil people :eek: A few moments later I got lucid. If there was any connection between the toilets and the lucidity, then I want to dream the whole night about toilets :tongue:

Personally in my dreams toilets often are very dirty or very strange too, but I was “lucky” to see couple of times toilets which were not perfect, but rather ok. :wink:

I can only recall one dream with bathroom stuff, and what a bathroom stuff it was!
After doing many various things in a pool bigger than anything with a high dives going up to about 50 stories tall, I went to the shower room, a hall of about 50 showers one after another. At the end of that was a gigantic maze of tile with toilet after toilet, sink after sink, thousands stretching out in all directions. It was amazing…
So no, I like bathrooms. :good:

Toilets in my dreams are clean. I’ve had dreams of actually going to the toilet, although I’ve luckily never wet my bed before. Lol.

I have had dreams about toilets and from what I can remember they where mostly normal. Once I got lucid in a bathroom and I really had to go and for some reason I was really confused. I was afraid I would wet my bed but I went anyway. Luckily the bed was dry when I woke up :tongue:

For me toilets which are in common/public places (like school) are usually really gross and dirty. There’s brown stuff all over the toilet and the walls (not so much poop, but more like rust o_O) and often the locks on the toilet doors don’t work and someone barges in on me. XD

My toilet and bathroom at home look perfectly fine, though.

I think it’s all related to some childhood trauma. :grin:

ditto for me, toilets in my dreams are clean, bed is thankfully dry

I’ve had loads of dreams about toilets, one was in meadowhall, and I couldnt find it anywhere, and then i was suddenly there, and jennifer anniston was there and she made me go in the end cubicle, it was a really tall and wide bowl, and had to climb for ages to get to it, went to the toilet, woke up, and screamed cos i thought i would have wet the bed, didnt liuckily, though there was the time i was drunk and dreamt about going to the toilet…ill not go into that :shy:

I had a dream the other day about the toilet in my house and it was barbie sized and all rusty, yeah, most of my bathrooms are rusty too, i wonder why, ive never seen a real toilet like that.

The next time anyone here is lucid, ask a dc why some ppls toilets are always dirty!!!

I’ve never dreamt of dirty toilets. My bathroom dreams are almost always the same though: The bathrooms are huge and elaborate and very unlike any bathrooms you’d ever see. The stalls are all messed up though and either the partitions are unfrosted glass so people can see you or the glass is frosted but only covers half of the stall. And people are ALWAYS looking at me and I am so annoyed and pissed off and frustrated. And after all the hassle, I usually just walk out without using the bathroom at all.

Yup… same to me. Actualy i have a vage memory of the toilet… and it was clean…
Where did you guys heard that theory about dirty things in your dreams?

very very werid! mostly clean, toilets always left me pondering how to …proceed, and usually for both genders

They’re always in busy places with no door or one of the walls is like a window. People are everywhere and there’s no privacy.

i’ve had dreams where they are both dirty and clean. They usually seem to fit the surroundings for me.

EG: personal toilets/home toilets are generally clean where as public toilets tend to be dirty. Just like RL :neutral:

Has any of you ever actually felt the sensation of fuly going to the toilet in a dream? Oh and everyone who hasn’t answered the first question answer that two…I’m compiling an average thingy!!!

I have yes. Most of the time i “use” a toilet in a dream i get that sensation i’m happy to say that not one of those times have i ever wet the bed lol.

I guess i’m lucky in that respect LMAO :tongue: :cool_laugh:

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Whenever I use the toilet in a dream, it feels like it kinda hurts, like I shouldn’t be doing it…its kinda like the feeling you get when you really need the toilet and your bladder really hurts…but while I’m peeing!!! ko, too much info!
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Well, for me, toliet are generally clean.

But the areas around them - that’s another matter.

they may be missing walls (or the walls may be low down), doors (or the doors may be transparent). And toliets/bathrooms usually have lots of people in them.

I am too one of the lucky people who doesn’t wet myself when I dream about it. Cos then I’d be wetting myself a lot :eh:.

Lol, yes that’s in RL too.