Tonight I'll start writing down dreams on a page

Then remember them and stuff, hopefully in a while I’ll have a lucid dream…

and does anyone have any tips on getting a dream in the first place, lik a normal one?

I really wanna have a lucid dream after that guy talked about his “absurd amount of sex” :grin:

You want to know how to get normal dreams?> You don’t recall your dreams when you wake up?

Well, one way is to wake up earlier than you usually would. Waking in the middle of a dream usually helps you to retain more of its details. Also, when you wake up in the morning, don’t get up or move around or start thinking about anything but what you dreamed last night.

That should help.

Just write down anything about your dream you can remember, no matter how small of a detail it is, whether it be a scene, dialogue, sound, smell, feeling, color, or anything. Before i kept a dream journal i would barely remember a dream maybe once a month but now i remember 1-2 dreams a night and ive only been writing them down for about 2 weeks.

and this morning I couldn’t remember anything, maybe I had a dream but I can’t remember anything about it, or even if I did have a dream… although in the past… 2 weeks or so I’ve had a few dreams… one was weird

there was this worms site (the game not the creature obviously) called wormscenter, it’s closed now :sad: , and in my dream, I was…sort of on the site…but it wasn’t really about worms… I can remember something about, it having… Forward at the bottom of the page(a link), and to the right it had something but I thought something like “they mustn’t have a “back” button yet” or something…it was weird and pointless… that’s about all I can remember, or maybe it said they didn’t have a back button yet. :confused:

Weird isn’t it?

hopefully tonight I’ll have a dream.

wanna see some other dreams from years ago? I think I can remember a few :confused:

It is great how we have schema for the way web sites should look. I think there is a whole are aof research available that no one is tapping into: using dreams to determine our ideals and use it for marketing. For example, if you had a bunch of people look at a “website” in their dreams, they might see a few common things, back/forwards buttons, links, sections, images, flash, animations, games, etc, but if you restricted it slightly before they went to sleep you could get a whole bunch of info on how people actually “see” what a website really is.

no-one asked to hear any more of my dreams but I’m gonna say one anyway.

Ok my uncle has a black labrador (that part’s real), and in the dream, the dog, me, and my family I think, are in my other uncle’s house, and then the strange thing is that the dog’s talking, but it didn’t happen like HEY the dog’s talking! COOL! it seemed like in the dream it was perfectly normal… nothing interesting happened in the dream except that.

Yeah thats how things are in dreams. Something outrageously ridiculous or impossible happens and you perceive it as normal.

Write down some of those past dreams. It may help.

hehe, again “absurd amounts of sex”…see Ureon what you have done to the guy just by using this excellent sentence?:slight_smile:
btw…why dont you come on chat Sean?Im sure youll like it:)

“absurd amounts of sex” realy needs to be acronymed and added to the dictonary :smile:

nice picture Jack :content:. you sick perv :grin: . hehehehe.

Ok, last night I… well I think I’ve made at least SOME progress…maybe…

I don’t think I really had much of a dream…maybe I did but when I woke up I thought I remembered SOMETHING…all I have is a fragment…

you know that game operation flashpoint? yeah well I seem to remember being IN the game, not playing the game, actually in it,

I’m at these crossroads, and an m113 apc pulls up in front of me, that’s all I can remember.

I think it has something to do with me being stuck on a level called Pathfinder, I was on a message board and it turns out that there’s a bug in that level that stops an armoured…thingy coming in and letting out troops.

odd…I didn’t bother writing it down.

You know dreaming about guns is actually dreaming about sex?
according to Freud at least:)
So you`re on good way:)

absurd amount of sex…HERE I COME!!! :grin: (is it me or does that smiley look like he’s watching a porn film?lol)

Hey… remember I said I had a few dreams about 2 weeks ago? while usually I listen to my walkman in bed til like…3 a.m., but yesterday I didn’t…the day before…I MAY have…I’m not sure…

maybe there’s a connection?

plays game with loads of guns :grin: :grin: :grin:

BUT!!! I think I’ve found a pattern :content: .

in one dream I was in the passenger seat of a car (the left side, not the american kind of passenger seat), and hannibal and face from the a-team were outside the car, to the left of the car was some… you know… a group of… uh…ruffians or whatever and a garage… thingy was in front of the car. Anyhoo, hannibal and face go into the garage and face comes out with…I don’t know…it was kinda like…brass knuckles…but more like steel claws. And then the ruffians start bashing up the car, the door is getting all bashed in and my seat is getting pushed forward for some reason, then hannibal and face fight them, then I woke up in the morning, it felt a LOT like the dream has JUST happened.

Mr.T wasn’t in that dream but the day before I was reading an interview with mr.t in a magazine, I think this is why I had the dream.

Earlier that same night, I had an…even weirder dream.

me and…this old actor guy, I can’t remember his name… well actually I never knew his name, he was in the Buffy the vampire slayer film and…Space…Cowboys I think it was called, anyhoo

we go into this shopping center and he goes up to a security guard and hands him a cheque to be his bodyguard, and then I think when we go upstairs, the actor guy gets taken away in a stretcher, no-one did anything to him, I think it was like a heart attack, this was a very short dream.

The only connection to real life I can get from that is the film Brewster’s Millions, remember it had the black guy from See No-evil Hear No-evil in it…I can’t remember his name…

and anyhoo, in that film, I BELIEVE, he gives a security guard money to be… his security kinda thing…weird.

and I had another dream, some night about… it was VERY weird…

first of all I’d like to say that on the radio the night before, they were talking about religion and “do you go to mass?” and stuff.

anyhoo, I think there was thing house, which I recognise from real life (it’s a pub that closed a while ago and kinda looks like a haunted house in a way) and then… I come back to it later, and it’s broken up a bit and there’s holy statues inside, and then…

Here comes the weirdest part of the dream… this HUGE grey guy (who looked like Mundus in Devil May Cry kind of) stands up and says “the father”

then I think a blue, smaller guy goes “the son”

and then this green guy, who was really small and didn’t have legs, he floated there and had… a…thingy like a genie… you know it looked like smoke just.

he goes “the holy spirit”

??? :eh: :eh: WTF!!!

am I disturbed??!

Although now I think I’m actually getting better at this, I can usually remember one dream a night, and as I said, I had 2 one night.


speaking of dreams and RL conections…
every monday evningh the TV show alias is on and EVERY time i watch that show a small piece of it is incorperated into one of my dreams, it may be small like somthing one of the chars did or somthing like one of the inventions but its regular :smile: