Tonight’s mantras

I have been meditating almost every night. No success in getting LDs. Today I said these mantras while meditating:

I will be in a dream and know I am dreaming
It is safe to be in a dream
I will have perfect control over my dreams

I really hope I start getting LDs again

Hello rebecca,

those mantras seem very long taken together. I heard it’s better to have short and to the point mantras. Have you tried shorter ones before, too?

Those are 3 distinct mantras. Do you recite them in sequence and then repeat, or first only repeat a single one, then the second, then the third and then fall asleep?

It worked! I had a huge dream and I got lucid but couldn’t control the dream but was lucid for a short segment then slipped back into regular dream

Well theory and all aside, that the mantra is working is what matters in the end. So big congratulations on your success :thumbs:

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its a minor success. the lucid was low level, short and nightmarish

Congratulations on the success, and don’t be worried by the quality of the dream. Don’t be worried about the level of control. That all comes with experience. It took me so long to learn to have lucid dreams that lasted more than a few seconds. Just keep going.

If I might add, in my experience the most important thing by far is awareness. Mantras are nice and all, but if in an ND you tell yourself you surely aren’t dreaming, it doesn’t matter. I wrote this article almost a decade ago and I still swear by it The Importance of Awareness

In fact, DILD and RCILD are still the main ways I become lucid. They are also the only methods I know that frequent LD’ers use. I do use other techniques like WILD and MILD when appropriate, but awareness is what made the main difference.