Tonight's + Tomorrow night's try!

(Mods, if you feel this is in wrong board or sumthing, feel free to move it, i wasnt so sure where to put it.)

Well i’m gonna get lucid tonight or tomorrow. I mean it. I really really mean it. Yes it is my first time. No, no i haven’t been keeping a DD. No, i haven’t been doing enough RC’s. The point is, i’m getting Lucid. I really mean it.

My plan is (Btw its 21.54 or 9.54pm currently here in finland.) to go to sleep in like 40mins, alarm clock is going to wake me at 4.30, i will be reading LD4all stuff or listening to the lucid induction file i got from this site untill 5.00. Then i’m going to try to get WILD. If this whole thing doesn’t work, i’m going to do something very stupid like try some wicked parkour move from our balcony :content: . Now, i introduced you to my plan, now comment me and give me help and support. I’m frustrated and really want to get the LD. (Yeah feel free to tell me to go to the big WILD or MILD topic but those are BIG, i want simplified versions too :razz:, i have read those though).

I hope you dont automatically tell me this is spam :neutral:

I like the cut of your jib :tongue:
Just remember that effortful intention with autosuggestion should be avoided. If you don’t know what that means, just ignore what I said, I might have jinxed you :content:

You’re asking quite a lot of yourself…

Well, did it work? :happy:

Yeah! What happened???

well Wrox has a dream journal in the journal forum here … ht=#146094 and there was a post on the 10th and no mention of a LD :sad:
/me keeps fingers crossed for Wrox

That’s exactly what I was thinking.

You also answered a question I had about autosuggestion, thankyou!

Thanks for the direction moogle

Sorry for being away :eh: I for some reason forgot this post…It didnt work, it half worked cause i for first day did the stuff but my WILD didnt really work, for second day, i woke up at morning, my cellphone (Where the alarm clock is) was lying in the hallway so i had woke up at the night :tongue: .

WBTB seems to be really well working technique for me as if i dont get lucids, i at least get vivid and really interesting dreams with it so that will be my tool of dreams.

Btw. IVE HAD MY FIRST LUCID :hyper: I introduced it at my dream journal :happy: Moogle posted the link :smile: