too fast

this morning, i woke up around 5 (my normal weekday bedtime is around 10-11) and I thought it would be a good chance to use the WBTB method-
but, when i came back to be and tried to sleep, i could not get past the H-imagery. i could feel my arms becoming paralyzed, but it never lasted. i must have been too aware of physical reality. I dont think my brain is ready, as i only have three nights entries into my dream journal. oh well, i guess the lucid dreaming can wait, because my normal dreams are interesting enough for now. my advice (though i am not qualified to be giving it) to everyone like me who wants results fast, is too take the priority away from lucid dreaming and place it on dream recall. i have already learned things from my dreams, and i dont think my subconcious will let me control my dream state until i have learned a few more things, despite my frequent RCs and MILD thingies.
i guess the question i have know is how long did you pros wait and build your dream journals before you attempted to have LDs?

sorry about the long post, it helps me sometimes to sort out my thoughts in words


Posting that’s what this forum is for :wink:

I’m in the same position as you I think! Like a year ago I read about LD’s, it really interested me but I never put any real effort into getting them. So 3 days ago when I registered here I started with my DJ, everynight before I go to sleep I try to let me get a LD. But I know I should wait a while, and now after some days I have recalled some dreams, I know i just have to keep writing down my dreams.

What i’ve read/heard is that if you can recall at least 1 dream every night then you can try to get lucid.
I think your DJ is a really good start at that point, you might have found some dream signals which keep comming back, so you can practise you do a RC when you see one etc.

Good luck with your DJ and hopefully we’ll have LD’s soon :content:

good point i had been trying just to improve my dream recall for 2 weeks which worked and i had an unexpected LD since then its been 2 weeks and ive just been trying to get more LDs ive got none and my dream recall has also turned crap so im gonna start from scratch again

I am startin to have the same problem and am myself starting from scratch once again (in a way of speaking). I had a lucid dream (my only one) a few weeks ago and was remembering one or two dreams per night vividly and was sometimes aware of more. I got better at it and for some reason thought that it would be alright if I alowed myself to lag in my efforts. However, as soon as I did, my consistancy went way down. It is important to stay as consistant as possibe with your efforts i all matters of lucid dreaming. It really helps the mind over matter aspect of things and will help get you farther on your way.

I still keep my dream diary because i like to come back to my old dreams.After 2 years of waking up everyday with same question on my mind “what was my dreams about” i dont really need it recallwise.I think that once you cross a line somwhere the habit of asking yourself this question after waking becomes very strong and there will be no "starting from scratch"anymore.
Just the though:)