too much control

I was reading a thread with some discussion about how you have control over eveything in a lucid dream, but not all at once. That brings me to a problem I’ve been having, when I realize I’m dreaming I also realize that everything I can see and feel is under my control, and it becomes quite a task for me trying to generate my dreamscape before I go there. In other words, I’ve got myself stuck to where I’m always having to think one step ahead and there isn’t any way I can explore because I already know what I’ll find. Does anyone have any tips on getting my subconscious to generate dreamscapes on it’s own, while I still remain lucid? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greg m

well, im not expierienced lucid dreaming or smth, but one idea came to my mind:

Try to close your eyes in dream, or spin, and while doing that imagine a photo of old-house. Just front view. Then you should appead in that house, and you could explore lets say back side of that house :happy: dunno, if it works, just an idea

I am very experienced at having little control… :wink:

I’d say just stop thinking about you having to create the dreamscape. After all, if you just walk around that corner without thinking about what you’ll find, you’re sub-c will have to do it for you :wink:.

If you like movies or books, why not try to enter the world you know from one? I like to do that in a LD. :cool: You will not have to think up everything yourself then.

Or why not fall, spin, draw a circle and go through it, go through a wall or something, and say “Yhe next thing I see will be a new dream”?

One of the first things I suggest is to plan your lucid ahead of time. Before you go to sleep at night you should already know what you are going to do if you become lucid.

Also, yes you can control every detail of your dream if you want. However, you don’t have to. You can just give your dreams a push in the direction you want them to go. Your subconscious will fill in the gaps fore you and often proved just what you need. This can also help add an element of surprise to your dreams so you stay more interested.

If I don’t like my dream setting, I plunge myself headfirst into a mirror. Problem solved. Also do that spinning thing. Spin around until the colors blur, then stop and let the new enviornment settle. You can also “ask” your sub. to generate one for you.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I think that the underlying problem is that when I’m in a LD i’m not aware like I would be when I’m awake, I mean that the aware part of me is controling the environment and my dreaming body just does what feels the best at the time. So like, If I wanted to go through a mirror, I could generate the mirror, but there would be no guarentee that I would go though it. I guess I need to practice focusing my intent. Thanks for all the advice, and I’d appreciate any more input anyone else has.

Greg m

To me that sounds like either

A) Problems with dream control which will improve in time. In the beginning it can sometimes be hard to fully comprehend what that means. We often carry over our limitations from the waking world. In time you will learn that those limitations do not apply to you. I would suggest making small changes to your dreams at first then build from there.


B) Maintaining lucidity. If that is the case I recommend that you anchor your dreams when you first become lucid. You can do that buy using any of the prolonging/ stabilizing techniques you like. It also does not hurt to remind yourself throughout the dream that you are dreaming. Like I mentioned in my previous post it is helpful if you plan your dream ahead of time that way you do not have too much down time trying to figure what to do. It is important to stay engaged with the dream. If you don’t stay engaged with your environment you can loose lucidity or wake up altogether. (This also improves in time)

Anyway, I hope I am making sense here. I am a little tired. It’s been a long day.

Happy Dreaming

Thanks for the suggestions milod789, I think I may be having some trouble in both of those areas. I’ll keep your ideas in mind.

greg m