Too Much Dream Recall

I’ve been keeping a dream recall journal for two months now. Every night I would remember on average three dreams per night. Over the past several nights I’ve noticed a huge leap in my ability to remember my dreams. Last night I remembered 12. My problem is that too much dream recall can get overwhelming. I can’t wake up every single time to write down a dream yet when I write short notes about them I forget a lot of the dream by the time I write them down in the morning. Has anyone else had this problem?

Yeah I had this problem some time ago when I used vitamin B6 to increase my dream recall. One night I remembered 8 long dreams.
I woke up about 4 times that night and wrote them all down with all their details, because I was afraid I’d forget them in the morning.
It took me half an hour to write them down, so in total I spent 2hrs that night writing my dreams down. I was really annoyed by this.
The B6 gave me some unpleasant tingling feelings during the whole night and these dreams were só vivid that they became uncomfortable. Unfortunately I didn’t become lucid.
If you don’t concentrate on remembering your dreams, or pay less attention to dream recall, it will definitely decrease.

Poor you. Too much dream recall, huh? My my, that really is a problem. :huh: Are you insane? If you don’t want to bother writing down you’re dream journal at night, just skip it and write down what you remember each morning. If you can remember twelve now, I’m sure it will still be a lot. I don’t know why anyone would want to LIMIT their dream recall. But I suppose you could just pick what felt like the three most important dreams of the night and right those down. I sure wish I had your problems.

My dream recall is still only 1-3/night. If I ever have the “problem” of having too much dream recall, I’d probably not write down a lot of the seemingly random and meaningless dreams I have. Just write down the ones that seem interesting or are significant in some way. Well, that’s my two bits. :cheesy:

I have this problem!!! Maybe too often :sad: It’s getting bothersome (that’s why I don’t really keep a diary anymore). One time, I typed up 6 pages SINGLE SPACED… size 12 font of my dreams from ONE night! :confused:

It’s not good to remember so much because I always get overwhelmed and worn out. My intention right now is to remember ONE dream a night. My intention is well met since I only remember one dream a night. :smile: If I need to increase for some reasons, it usually only takes me about 3 days or less to increase back to 4 dreams a night… and maybe other few more days to increase up to 8 - 10 dreams a night (or just remember few of them very well to type 6 pages single spaced and size 12 font).

Anyways, when you get there, you’ll understand how I feel! :confused:

I know! On weekends I always remember ‘too’ many dreams! It really bugs me when I spend the first hour of my weekend writing till my hand falls off! But I don’t really think of this a a problem. When I have, say 4 dreams, I take a page of my dream journal for each and write down about 10 words summerising the dream (i know it’s hard, but I do leave out A LOT of detail) and then write in detail a couple until I want to get up, then I wait until I want to write them down during the day and I do. This way i spread out the ‘burden’ of writing dreams out. :grin: :wink:

at my school (when i was there) they did memory techniques to help you remember/revise for exams that also helped increase my dream recall as well. So don’t just look for ways to increase dream recall work on it for you normal stuff too.

(Anyone here who is in schooling of some kind will most benifit from this as they are most likely already using the memory methods :wink:)

I have always had good dream recall though, i could tell you some of my dreams i had when i was 6 if you like :wink:

ok i’m braggin now, feel free to slap me hehe

What kind of techniques are you talking about? I have fairly good dream recall, but would like to improve it still. And I’m always interested in new techniques. :smile:

Thats mean Insane goth, casually mentioning something that could help, then not elaborating :tongue:
I do hope you let us in on this secret. :confused:

Hmmm. . . while looking for ways to improve memory I came across this:
Good old vitamin B. Helps with memory, verbal ability, and as we all know on this forum, dream recall. Maybe improving your memory is essential to dream recall after all.

yeah yeah. I’m trying to find the folder from when i was doing them (been awhile ya know - moved house since then)

as soon as i find out where it is i will post up some of the techniques that may help. :wiske:

The number of dreams I can recall each night is usually very much dependant on the number of times I wake up. If I wake up 3 or 4 times during the night (like I did last night), then I can often recall 5 to 8 dreams in fairly good detail. If I sleep continuously the entire night, I might only be able to remember 1 or 2 when I wake up. Some particularly restless nights can provide several pages of dreams.

If you’re having trouble with recall (I mean actual trouble, not this ‘remembering too much’ trouble :wink: ) try waking up every 2 hours after the first 4 and see if that makes a difference.