Too scared to LD

After about 30 lucid dreams, I’ve never experienced sleep paralysis. I think it’s a pretty random occurence and lucid dreaming doesn’t increase the chance too much. (the WILD technique might increase the chances though…) But yeah, there’s no need to really fear it anyway, it’s not real.

I agree with Mike716. I’ve about 100 LD’s and I never experienced sleep paralysis. People who practice LD’ing and sometimes experience SP with hallucinations had this sleep trouble before they began practising. And a lot of people practice WILD without having such hallucinations.

If there are many sleep paralyzed people on LD forums, it’s because people who are subject to this sleep trouble generally want to understand what happens: they search internet and finally discover lucid dreaming.

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Acctually I get demonic voices while WILDing. I can remember two WILD’s right now that come in mind. One I heard som satanic prayer thingy. Must’ve been the sound of water tap that was distorted in my mind.

Second time I heard screams. Just bunch of people screaming out of horror.

The reason I’m telling you this isn’t to make you afraid. Because both those times were AWESOME!!! I loved hearing those things!

So, Hypnooajfpihsdpfghdsfg things are only as scary as you make them.

Dreaming to me means that you are put in a position to conquer/face your fears and or demons.

So I guess demons can be scary… but knowing that it is a dream gives you the power to dissolve and manipulate such fears.

I have never had sleep paralysis, but a few times I have woken up (from a normal dream, mind you) with “the fear” as I called it, which is the same thing as “the old hag” I believe.

Just lying in bed and everything seems… wrong… Once I looked out the window and the sky was the weirdest shade of orange I ever saw - and this was real, not a false awakening, because I woke someone else up to see it :eek:, a real eerie light just before dawn. Felt like the world was about to end.

Anyways, I’ve never had a lucid dream end in anything scary. Once I had a weird and scary “demon eyes” experience while meditating and listening to bwgen… but that was actually really cool, as PutBoy said before me.

Yes, although demons, old hags, screeching sounds, nightmares and all that can be pretty scary, lucidity might really offer the solution. If you don’t become lucid while experiencing these things, you’re fully absorbed by the fear, thinking it’s all really happening. What you fail to realize then is that these dreadful images keep existing and turning into even worse scenarios because of your fear. Fear is what feeds them. Therefore, becoming lucid is the ultimate tool to conquer your fear and dissolve the nightmarish scenes. Sometimes you still need to have a lot of courage to walk towards a 10ft giant monster, but KNOWING that it’s all illusionary will almost always transform the creatures into more pleasing persons. Lucid nightmares where you can transform your aggressors, talk to them and embrace them are one of the most powerful, healing and invigorating experiences I know off.

Totally empathize with being scared dude! That old hag thing sounds pretty terrifying if you ask me. I wouldn’t want to go to sleep again if I saw something like that. But I agree with everyone else, the good always outweighs the bad.

A few days ago i read a bunch of old hag posts and i decided to stay awake till sunrise :content: hehe (i wasn’t scared at all! :grin: ) [ :cry: ]

Hi zzz…zzz…! :wink:

Most of the dreamers have never seen the old hag thing. It’s a problem you may have if you’re subject to a sleep trouble which is called “sleep paralysis”. And amongst this population, only about 10% experience old hag-like strong hallucinations. It’s not really a lucid dreaming problem.

so there is only a small chance of me experiencing ‘old hag’?

I think thats funny. LOL, I mean that would suck, because now your LDing, and you wasted them because you didnt know what they were. I can relate

First off : I know there are other topics about this but it’s kinda different…

I really want to become lucid, but all this just totally freaks me out !
It’s not the strange noises or the old hag (actually it’s those too) it’s just dreaming… it’s just what’s paranormal (if we can call LD paranormal) These sort of things tend to freak me out… I was visiting a paranormal forum before and after reading a few of their stories my eyes just started to leak… same here…

I really want to be able to LD but it just scares the hell outta me…

Any tips or whatever… advice… I dunno :neutral:

The only thing you have to know is that it’s 100% safe. You’re dreaming, so nothing is real and nothing can hurt you. It’s all in your mind. Saying LD’ing is dangerous is like saying dreaming itself is dangerous. Nothing to worry about, nothing at all. :smile:

Welcome btw! :wave:

Hmmm… yeah… I guess so…

Thanks for your help… Can’t wait to get my first LD !! Although I’m gonna have to practice…

Good things come to those who wait. It really is fun once you get the hang of it. :grin:

Btw, you should introduce yourself in The Big “Hi, I’m new here!” Topic - Part XX topic in the Gathering.

unless you dream about falling out the window, and you’re really sleep walking… :tongue:

Let’s hope that if he’s sleep walking, he’s done something about it by now. :tongue: (And doesn’t leave the windows open! :razz:)

I wouldn’t say that LD is paranormal. It is scientifically backed.
There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a LD.
Don’t be freaked out by any of the dreams you read here. They are only dreams. And having a LD is reason to be comforted in knowing that you can control your surroundings whereas in a ND you can’t.

I’m afraid you’re right… :content:

That’s why you’re paralysed whilst dreaming :wink:.