Too scared to LD

Yeah, well i’ve been looking over these forums, and many of the posts have things that really freak me out, i.e. ‘demonic voices while trying to W.I.L.D.’ or ‘people knocking outside your window’ etc. I know it’s all in the head, but still it’s scary and that’s what gets me, I doubt I even want to try to LD anymore. Just wanted to thank you guys in the forums for helping me out :cry:

Don’t think of it as scary… think of it as exciting!! Besides… those experiences don’t happen to everyone. There are alot more normal experiences that people enjoy, they just don’t get as much mention.

SO don’t be scared… its not that scary really.

Nothing even remotely like that has ever happened to me, and even though I’ve only been doing this a few months, I’ve had severy lucid dreams.

Indeed, no need to become scared. Personally I think it is a very bad development if new people come to this forum and become scared because of what they read. Perhaps we should point out a bit more the positive sides of LDs… ITS JUST SUPER COOL. There! :smile:.

I don’t think they are scary, I think they are cool experiences :grin: But if you get scared from this stuff then don’t try to WILD :smile: There are lots of other ‘safer’ techniques :smile: (and I must say, I had lots of WILDs and I never got that ‘creepy’ stuff from it) and like the others said, these happen only to a bunch of people. So don’t let it scare you from all the fun :grin:

If ur scared of creepy stuff when doing WILD… Don’t do WILD.

(The Moron solution used by Fadem, lol)

Hey dude, I’m in the same boat you are, so I completely know what you mean. There are few things I remember to make getting into Lucid Dreams easier on myself.

  1. If you don’t want to do WILD, don’t. It’s not necessary. You can pretty much avoid hypnagogic sounds that way, if that’s what you are worried about.

  2. Those horror stories are blown out of proportion. Almost every person on this board is doing Lucid Dreaming. Count the number of general posters and then count the number of people who post about frightening experiences. Well… don’t, actually. Exact numbers aren’t important. The point is that the vast majority of people don’t consistently have any of those scary stories. The reason they are posted is because they are out of the ordinary. No one would come here if the board were flooded with posts like this:

Topic: WILD worked again
Body: I didn’t hear the devil or get SP again last night. Thought I’d let you know.

Fascinating entry, huh? If everyone here were to post these on a daily basis, there is a good chance you’d have to wade through many of these before you got the OHMYGODITHOUGHTIWASDYING posts. Don’t get the wrong impression about how frequent they are because of the number of those posts on these boards.

  1. Do you ever sit home alone and look over your shoulder “knowing” something is there? Do you ever “hear” that thing make a sound? Next time don’t look. That’s voluntary sleep paralysis. You’ve consciously made the decision not to see the nonexistent thing. The difference between that occurrence and SP is only that SP is not voluntary. You don’t get to make a conscious decision to look or not. If you don’t know what’s going on, it’s easy for that experience to snowball into something more tangible like sounds or, more rarely, images. Your mind races to fill in the blanks of what is going on around you. But you’re lucky, you came here, you know what is actually going on. Even if you don’t realize it, just by reading these posts you’ve subconsciously internalized what is really happening during that experience. You’ll realize that if the shadow of that chair in the corner of your eye doesn’t attack you in real life, it won’t make any more of an effort to attack while you’re in your bed. Besides, it’s a freakin chair, dude.

The last piece of advice I can give you is just this: If you don’t know if you can beat the experience mentally, wear a blinder, and sleep on your stomach. You can often convinve yourself you’re still asleep.

Sorry about the long read, but I hope this helps.

A lot of exciting things are scary at first. :alien:

Logically, LD-s in which you induce through WILD can often range from being scary to horrifying. But if WILD is not the tech for you, don’t use it and skip the scary crap. :smile:

Else, use WBTB + MILD and Guided Meditation.

Don’t be afraid, Logite2005

As it’s been said already. Everyone’s experience is different. Go for the LD you won’t regret the experience.

I know I ask alot of questions- sorry.

But I got another one-

How can I overcome fear?
I have a somewhat irrational fear of lucid dreaming for some reason, even though nothing really bad has happened in any of my dreams since the first few lds I had. I always fear something bad will happen, and I never wanna picture going lucid because everywhere that I ever am in a dream, I feel like it is a room and that some things I don’t expect can be outside of the room, or even in the room. I’m really like that all the time, but I fear dreams even more cuz I’m afraid I’ll lose control of my mind and my expectations will make these bad things come true. Even if I tell myself that it’s all in my head, nothing can hurt me, I’m still in my bed, etc, It is still not enough to overpower this fear, which I personally find to be my biggest stumbling block to lucid dreaming- it makes me not even want to remember my normal dreams, so my diary has been empty for weeks! WTF!? Is anyone else like that?

I hope I explained it well enough. Please help- Thanks anyways.

Trung of Wu- Dreamer of the Last Dream

You could try picking up something that may comfort you (a sword or a gun or something).

Or just do what I do:

If you’re afraid something will happen when you do something… do it and find out. Every time I’ve done thing, nothing bad has happened.

For example:

In one LD, I was afraid that if I opened my bedroom blind, there would be a monster or something outside it, waiting for me.

Even with this fear, I walked over to my blind and opened.

There was nothing outside.

Try and not let your fear dictate you. Do exactly what your afraid of doing, and you’ll over come it :smile:.

Don’t like the sound of WILD, then don’t do WILD :wink:. There are other techniques :smile:.

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If your like me… I was TERRIFIED to try it.
But after trying and trying… and failing to because lucid… you kind of set you mind to “I just dont care anymore… i accept it… i jsut want to be lucid” :smile:

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I think a neat trick would be to get your regular dreams to become as horribly horrific as possible; like, waking up screaming with cold sweat awful… then, the only time you ever have peace is if you’re lucid… great incentive to get lucid more often :wink:


A frien told me of LD And i decided to try so i checkd it out on the web. And i read about sleep paralysis and “the old hag” and it scared the crap out off me. Now im afraid to really give in to LD.

So i wonder. How big risk is it that you will experiense sleep paralysis and is there anny way to engage in LD with a lesser risk of sleep paralysis.

Please help

Exuse me for my rather crappy english.


heh it’s common for people at first to fear sp but after awhile you will start to enjoy it…well atleast i did and do i love sp as for the old hag… i’ve never experinced it and i think it’s because i don’t fear it. Besides it’s all in your mind if you think the old hag is there then she/it will be if you think it’s somthing else the it will be there. There is a slim chance you will experince it… but that’s just my guess you may and it may scare you but… like i said there is nothing to fear. Not to mention i’ve been lding for awhile and only experinced sp maybe 10 times :cry: and sp can be used to induce lucid dreams aswell … so just look on the bright side of things :smile:

Okay thanks.
So i guess ill try it annt way. :smile: