Too scared to LD

snape and basilus, having a scary LD could be fun, but if you are in SP and you dont know what is going on and it gets scary it will not be fun. You cant really compare a scary LD to someone having SP and not knowing what it is, believing it is real.

The worst experience like this that has ever happend to me and ive had alot was when I was lying in my bed for about 5 minutes then i started to wild mind you i have never succesfully wild in fact ive never had a REAL Ld before cause the sensatiosn bring me back to real life. Anyways the scariest one for me is when i could see kids running around me that looked like imps then one jumped on the bed and starting eating me then he riped my body off and i couldnt see it i truly beleived it wasnt there then when I woke up I was still in sleep paralysis and thought I was dead… Scariest thing ive ever had happen to me

I agree, it must be frightening. Anyway, I was talking about having LD’s and knowing it, and not about having SP trouble and not knowing what happens.

Yeah i was afraid of WILD too. Until I tried it :content: Then I was annoyed couse I was distracted too easily :razz: and couldnt succeed

Sorry for the confusion, I thought we were talking about SP

Hello im sorta new and still cant get answers to theses questions:
can “old hag” occur when your just trying to lucid dream but dont have sleeping problems?

does it only occur when trying to do WILD?

if you can help please do


Generally speaking, “old hag” occurs only in some severe cases of the sleep paralysis trouble. Just 1% of the population have SP with strong hallucinations. This trouble generally begins during adolescence.

There is no real relation between this trouble and LD’ing, but a lot of people who are subject to this trouble become interested in LD’ing, cause they wonder what happen and are often told is because of the “astral body”, or something like that.

Most of the WILD’ers have never experienced such a thing (unless they are subject to this trouble). Some of them have soft hypnagogic hallucinations when they are in the hypnagogic state (the state between wake and sleep). If you practice DILD methods, you don’t have to cross this state.

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For sum reason i am afraid to lucid dream… I want to sooo bad but i am afraid . I have no idea why. I have tryed it before but everything sounds so strange. No Lucid dreaming but like old hag , and sleep paralysis. How can i get over my fright. I always try . I am always toldd that it cant hurt me bla bla but im still frightened.!!

Well, the old hag doesn’t happen to everyone, SP only tells you that you’re about to lucid dream, and if the old hag does happen, you’ll be able to turn it into your SG and go into a lucid dream.
To sum up, they sound bad, but they are actually good things to happen to you.

Hey, dsystemofadownz!

It’s ok to be affraid of the unknown, but trust me, LDing is completely safe. You only have the risk of experiencing Sleep Paralysis or the Old Hag if you try that technique called WILD. The other ones, MILD, VILD, WBTB, autosuggestion and many more, won’t EVER give you an SP.

So that’s what you should try—something other than WILD.

Sweet dreams!


Bruno, although not mentioned, DILD can cause SP. More to the point SP itself is a state that can be obtained in many ways…

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It’s very rare. It may happen when you try and wake up to fast from a LD.

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I know well SP because I experienced it quite often but what is old hag ?

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It’s SP with severe hallucinations. It’s a sleep trouble. You have a BIG SP and Old Hag topic in the “Stuff dreams are made of” section.

I already haved severe hallucination of my chamber seeing it by my physical eye. But it was when I was trying OBE and not in a SP.

all i know is that OH is completely scary, but they are pretty much a sign that you will have a lucid dream that night.

When I had mine a man said that if you go to sleep i’ll kill
you, i of course fell asleep soon after, and realized that the guy was going to kill me, but then i knew for a fact it was a dream. I woke up and never knew who it was, until about 6 years later, when i found out what an OH was.

I find the sights/sounds during a WILD kinda exilirating. Maybe if you thought so too it wouldn’t be as frightening. Just a thought… :wink:

I haven’t had an old hag or anything of the like, but then again I’ve never successfully done WILD…

Oh well, as long as I know it’s in my head and that I won’t get hurt it’s ok. (Plus, I can rationalize it, no one can be in my house because we have an alarm, and the only other way would be for someone to break a window which I would hear)